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The Protectors of the Rights of the Indians under Indentureship in British Guiana

By Harry Hergash  –  May 6, 2019 – In In The Diaspora

Harry Hergash, a graduate of the University of Guyana, taught at the Annandale Government Secondary from 1964 to 1969. He immigrated to Canada in 1974.

Between 1838 and 1917, Indians were recruited and brought to Guyana, then a British colony called British Guiana, under the Indentureship system to provide manual labour on the sugar plantations, almost all in the hands of British and Scottish owners. Under this system, an overseas worker was hired under contract which bound the worker to a specific plantation for a fixed period of time under stated terms and conditions, including a fixed wage rate and paid return passage.

Indians were not the first or only group of labourers recruited under this arrangement. However, most of the non-Indian immigrants withdrew from the plantations soon after their introduction, and by the early 1850s, India became the primary source. According to one report from the 1924 British Empire Wembley Exhibition, of the 343,019 immigrants recruited between 1835 and 1921, India provided 239,979.          Continue reading

New Book: CHILDREN of WATOOKA – A Story of British Guiana – By Steve Connolly

CHILDREN of  WATOOKA – A Story of British Guiana

Children of WatookaBy Steve Connolly

Step into an extraordinary and fascinating world … little known, but immensely remarkable and hollering for attention … formerly British Guiana, now Guyana. Learn about the country’s captivating history from before slavery/indenture through to modern times. Learn about some of its outstanding people both within/without the country.

Entwining history with people, the book is a ‘story of stories’. Over eighty-five people of five races have contributed to make fascinating reading. Five notable people have endorsed the content.

Follow the stories of Guyanese people, as well as of expatriates from Britain, Canada, Holland and the U.S., and, particularly those of the Canadian Connolly family, as the centre of the more general story focuses throughout the middle of the twentieth century in the village of Watooka nestled in the former rainforest area of Mackenzie, now known as Linden.   Continue reading

British Guiana Colonists – Historical database of residents

British Guiana Colonists


This site contains an index to an on-going database of 18th and 19th century residents of the colonies of Berbice, Demerara, and Essequebo (with some connected relatives).

Others who have an interest in their ancestry, may claim earlier European roots in these colonies. In some cases these claims could date back to around 1580 with the earliest Portugese and Dutch settlers at Fort Kyk-over-al.

There are also those with ancestors associated with the Dutch West India Company or connected to the 1739 invitation to all nations that led many settlers, from Barbados, Antigua and other West Indian islands, to establish themselves in these colonies, then under Dutch control.   Continue reading