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OIL: Will Guyana soon be the richest country in the world? – BBC News

Oil industry workers installing equipment in Guyana
Huge oil reserves in Guyana could change the future of the nation

South America’s second poorest nation is bracing for an oil boom that could catapult it to the top of the continent’s rich list – and beyond. But can Guyana avoid the so-called oil curse and ensure that its newfound riches benefit all Guyanese?

“Many people still do not get how big this is,” then-US Ambassador to Guyana Perry Holloway told a reception in the capital, Georgetown, last November.

“Come 2020, GDP will go up by 300% to 1,000%. This is gigantic. You will be the richest country in the hemisphere and potentially the richest country in the world.”


Guyana’s gifts to the world – A 2016 Review – by BBC News

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Guyana’s gifts to the world

This articles features a number of Guyanese who have been very successful worldwide
It was written in 2016 on the 50th anniversary of Guyana’s Independence from Britain,

Covering 214,969 sq km (83,000 sq miles), it is the only English-speaking country on mainland South America.

In popular culture, the country is sadly best known for the tragic events of Jonestown, where more than 900 people died in a mass suicide.

To mark the 50th anniversary of independence, BBC News highlights some of the positive contributions from “the land of a thousand rivers”.

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Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy: Thorny questions for African Americans – Mohamed Hamaludin

Joe Biden


Political analysts dubbed Joe Biden the likely Democratic presidential nominee even before he entered the race. His supporters believe, Jill Filipovic wrote in The Guardian on April 3, that “only he can win back the white working class voters who supported Trump in 2016. The presumption behind that argument is clear: that white votes simply matter more, and are more legitimate, than the votes of those who make up the Democratic coalition: people of color, young people, women.”

But black votes also matter and Biden’s history in the U.S. Senate, as recalled by Adolph L. Reed and Cornel West, on May 1 in The Guardian, and Andrew Cockburn, in March’s Harper’s Magazine, is problematic for African Americans in particular. Cockburn noted that while Biden boasts of a bipartisan prowess, his Republican allies included the late Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, dubbed by Cockburn “a tireless defender of institutional racism,” and the late Jesse Helms of North Carolina, a “hall-of-fame racist.” The collaboration was devastating for African Americans.          Continue reading

BOY WITH AUTISM: The youngest, at age 6, to attend Oxford University + 2 videos

Photo: Joshua and his father, Knox Daniel Joshua’s Dad, Knox Daniel, discovered his son’s unique learning capability at just 10 months . Source: Spectacularmag.com


Now 13 years old, the young scholar who has dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon was recently listed in the top 30 most remarkable people in the world with Autism who have impacted society.


Living with high-functioning autism, Joshua Beckford, the child prodigy from Tottenham was, at the age of six, the youngest person ever to attend the prestigious Oxford University. He received a certificate of excellence after getting distinctions in all his courses which were part of an online learning platform for gifted children. Now 13 years old, the young scholar who has dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon was recently listed in the top 30 most remarkable people in the world with Autism who have impacted society.


Destination 2049: the Chinese Century: Projection of Money, Politics and Technology

What can Beijing learn from America’s retreat?: Unraveling China’s pursuit of dominance…. By Alan Philps | The National 

For more than two decades, experts have been predicting that this will be the “Chinese century”, implying that the Middle Kingdom is going to unseat the United States from its throne as the undisputed global power.

President Xi Jinping

While Washington has fretted over what this means, China has shown a marked reluctance to project itself as the world Number 1, following the dictum of the late Deng Xiaoping, “hide your strength, bide your time.” This policy was fostered in part by the desire not to fuel the angst of the Washington establishment over the spectre of its long-term decline.      

In his speech to the Communist Party Congress, President Xi Jinping cast aside any reticence about his plans for China to be a great power. By mid-century China would be “a global leader of composite national strength and international influence”. China would be moving “closer to centre stage”. The target date is 2049, the centenary of the revolution which brought the Communist Party to power and united the country after years of war and foreign domination.      Continue reading

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