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Guyana: Oil Production: Exxon’s Liza Phase 2 to cost US$6B

Texas-headquartered ExxonMobil on May 02, 2019 said that it is steaming ahead with its Guyana operations, pumping US$6B into the second phase of the

File photo: In November 17, 2017, SBM Offshore started the conversion of the Bahamas-flagged Tina, a crude carrier, into the Liza Destiny FPSO.

Liza development. The decision followed recent Government and regulatory approvals of the second phase development.

Guyana is expected its first commercial oil early next year with the floating platform, Liza Destiny, to be here in the third quarter of this year.

“Liza Phase 2 will produce up to 220,000 barrels of oil per day and further capitalize on the significant development potential of the Stabroek Block, where ExxonMobil estimates producing more than 750,000 barrels of oil per day by 2025,” ExxonMobil disclosed yesterday in a statement.    Continue reading

Guyana Politics – Life is not easy for those in power – By Adam Harris

Guyana: Education: Dr O’Toole offering G$1m reward for info on shooter

Stabroek News May 5, 2019

One million dollar reward

Many persons may well be tired of this ‘story.’ But the shooting of Dr O’Toole is far greater than the suffering of a handful of people. The ‘story’ has now featured in the media in the UK,  Canada, the USA and throughout the Caribbean. With an attempted murderer on the loose, sadly, it asks questions of Guyana as a ‘safe’ place to live and invest and questions who might be next.      Continue reading

Guyana: Oil and Opportunity: We are fighting the wrong enemy

By Leonard Gildarie

Leonard Gildarie

This is an all-too-familiar song. We are missing a game-changing opportunity to dance to the music. I cannot emphasise it more. We are instead, sitting in a corner, refusing to ask that pretty girl who is side-eyeing for a dance.

Forty years down the line, we will wonder, and possibly regret: what if the courage was mustered and she was asked?

We have some remarkable opportunities to make hay while the sun shines, but we are lapsing big time. Of course I am talking about OIL.

This past week, Kaieteur News published a front page photo depicting the developing situation in Houston, where oil-related activities are all happening at Muneshwers and Schlumberger, an area bought out from Gafoors, and where over US$100M has been plugged into a facility.          Continue reading

Guyana: Indian Immigration Monument commissioned by President Granger

Indian Immigration Monument

Stabroek News  – May 05, 2019

The Indian Immigration Monument at Palmyra was today commissioned by President David Granger.

The President said in part: “The Indian Arrival Monument recalls the Indian indentured experience. It celebrates the migrants’ resistance, resilience and resourcefulness.  It attests to the immigrants’ sacrifices, struggle and the pursuit of a good life.

“Indians have made indelible contributions to the nation’s cultural, economic, political and social development. These contributions have ensured the community’s progress and has advanced the nation’s development.

“Indians, as others before them, were confronted by the abuse, cruelty and domination of plantation life and they resisted, sometimes by riots and strikes.            Continue reading

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