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GUYANA: GECOM ARRESTS: Jamaica Gleaner Newspaper warns President Ali about arrests


MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica, October 1, 2020 – Jamaica’s Daily Gleaner newspaper has weighed in on what has become an untenable situation in the Republic of Guyana, where the Chief Electoral Officer for the Guyana Elections Commission, as well as a number of his colleagues, have been arrested on private criminal charges because the then PPP opposition party was not pleased with the manner in which the election tally was being conducted.

The Gleaner’s editorial is important, in that it has noted its concern over what is potentially an inflammable situation, and has signalled to the rest of the Caribbean community the need to pay attention to the situation which threatens to further polarise the already fragile ethnic balance in that important CARICOM member state.

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Guyana Elections: I will accept any declaration without condition – President Granger

 Jul 31, 2020  Kaieteur NewsBy Kemol King

– Harmon says court erred, maintains only ‘valid votes’ count

Pres. David Granger

President David Granger has said that he will accept any declaration of the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), retired Justice Claudette Singh SC, CCH and that such acceptance is not conditional.

He was, at the time, responding to questions during the commissioning of the new Infectious Diseases Hospital, recently retrofitted out of the Ocean View Hotel property at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara.

The question pointed to the President – leader of APNU+AFC – was, given the party’s stance on valid votes, whether he would accept a declaration which includes votes he considers invalid.    Continue reading

Guyana Politics – Life is not easy for those in power – By Adam Harris

GECOM Chairman tells President General Elections possible in November 2019

PPP elections commissioners say there’s no law, policy for house-to-house registration

The Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), James Patterson, has informed President David Granger that general elections should be possible in November 2019 after house-to-house registration, but the opposition People’s Progressive Party’s (PPP) elections commissioners said such a process is not grounded in law or policy.
The GECOM Chairman also asked the President to provide GYD$3.5 billion to conduct the general elections and 10 regional council elections later this year, as the existing funds are to be used for house-to-house registration.

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Breathing new life into Local Government – Commentary

Breathing new life into Local Government

July 2, 2015 | By | Filed Under Editorial

Minister Ronald Bulkan has said that Local Government Elections could be held this year. However, the final word rests with the Guyana Elections Commission. And if the People’s Progressive Party maintains its position on the Elections Commission then that party will not be contesting those elections.

Local Government Elections were last held in 1994, two years after the General Elections that brought the People’s Progressive Party to power. It saw many areas electing their leaders because the People’s National Congress declined to contest the elections as a party.  The former President Desmond Hoyte had made a pitch to the government that the Local Government Elections should be truly local.  Continue reading

APNU+AFC at 157,347 votes, PPP/C at 157,304 with 490 boxes to go – GECOM + Tables of Results attached

APNU+AFC at 157,347 votes, PPP/C at 157,304 with 490 boxes to go – GECOM

Gecom imageStabroek News – 13 May 2015

With results from 1809 polling stations out of 2299 polling stations released, the APNU+AFC alliance has received 157, 347 votes while the PPP/C received 157, 304 votes for the 2015 general elections, according to data released by the Guyana Elections CommissionContinue reading

Jagdeo mistakenly listed as President on PPP list, Ramotar as politician

Jagdeo mistakenly listed as President on PPP list, Ramotar as politician

The list of candidates for the May 11 general elections published in the newspapers today has former President Bharrat Jagdeo’s occupation as “President” while President Donald Ramotar’s occupation has been listed as “politician”.

Furthermore, Jagdeo is listed as living at State House 52-53 Main Street, the same address for Ramotar and his son Alexei. Continue reading

Electoral Assistance Bureau Report – 2011 Elections – commentary

EAB report – 2011 Elections – Commentary

By Stabroek News  – April 1, 2012 Editorial

The EAB has spoken.  Not, one fears, that this might have much impact on our two main political parties, both of whom are long on mistrust and short on reason.  For those who operate in an altogether less conspiratorial context, however, the report of the Electoral Assistance Bureau on the November 28, 2011 elections is a very welcome intervention. If one has a regret, it is that the report did not come sooner, before the major parties gave public expression to their fantasies about the outcome of the poll.

The findings of the EAB cannot be easily dismissed. The organization has a commendable track record going back to the 1992 elections, and of all the observers has unparalleled experience of the elections processes, parties and conditions here. According to its website, in addition to its observer activities, it undertook a detailed assessment of the Statements of Poll (SoPs), which necessitated gaining access to the collections held by Gecom, the PPP/C, APNU and the AFC. Both the Guyana Elections Commission and the political parties co-operated with the bureau in this regard.    Continue reading

GECOM to consider APNU’s SOPs verification findings

GECOM to consider APNU’s SOPs verification findings

Demerara Waves  March 20, 2012.

The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) says it is seriously concerned about the claims of the APNU in relation to its findings from its Statements of Poll (SOPs) verification exercise and they will be fully considered.

The APNU on Monday stated that it had uncovered too many irregularities to form a credible basis on which the presidency could be decided from the November 28 polls.

In a statement Tuesday GECOM’s Public Relations Officer Vishnu Persaud stated that they had noted with “serious concerns” the issues which were publicised by the opposition coalition.

“It is essential that we point out that, at the time that the Commission agreed to make the SOPs available to the APNU for scrutiny, this Party had given the undertaking to provide GECOM with the details of its findings.  Notwithstanding the APNU’s public pronouncements, to date GECOM has received no official documentation on this matter from the Partnership,” Persaud stated.

When contacted on Tuesday APNU Election Agent Joseph Harmon told Demerara Waves Online News that that they would be presenting the Commission with a formal copy of their findings before the end of the week.   Continue reading

GECOM Chairman defends delay in announcing election results

GECOM Chairman defends delay in announcing election results

DECEMBER 1, 2011 | BY  |

“I have to make it absolutely clear that GECOM is not and will never be involved, as has been surreptitiously suggested, in any clandestine machinations with any political party, nor do we rig elections. Let that sink into the psyche of the doubt casters.”
Those were the words of Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, Dr Steve Surujbally, as he defended the delay in releasing the final results of the 2011 National Elections, even describing the lambasting of GECOM as hypocritical.    Continue reading