I refer to the article titled, `M&CC, City Chamber seal cooperation pact’ (SN May 4). (See news article below)  That is nice.

First, I congratulate the leaders of The Mayor and City Councillors (M&CC) of Georgetown and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) for breaking ground and getting to this early childhood stage.  I trust that the accompanying photograph of smiling faces will grow wider in the months ahead.  The test would be execution in the seven areas identified in that MoU.  A lot of good intentions; a lot of good could come.  There is waiting.  Now I must go beyond the happy smiles and happy talk.

I had to step back and inhale sharply.  That is 16 billion dollars in arrears, if I can still read.  Sixteen billion!  And a mere 140 of those commercial defaulters responsible.      Continue reading