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US Politics: Trump’s Wall … A Trumped-up  call – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

Growing evidence shows that the real threat lies within the wall not outside the wall. 

The Democratic leadership and its various committees totally blinded and blindsided by a strong dislike of President Donald Trump, his pugnacity, his banality, along with an ongoing quest to bring about his downfall, are failing to see the multiplicity of problems that America and her citizens are facing. Regrettably, Robert Mueller’s report did not produce the ammunition that they had hoped for.

The U. S- Mexico border is a distraction and the reasons proffered for its erection are both unfounded and factitious.  Evidence exists that undocumented immigrants commit crime at lower rates than American born citizens, and additionally are a crucial part of the labour force.              Continue reading

Rihanna’s Fenty label aims to rip up fashion industry rules

 Singer’s new clothing line, on sale this week, has ditched traditions such as catwalk shows

Cricket Council USA – Team Championships – July 4-7, 2019 – Online Team Registration

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Comedy: Russell Peters – My Mom Wanted To Pick My Wife – Video

Comedy: Russell Peters – My Mom Wanted To Pick My Wife – Video

Published on Aug 3, 2016 – Vintage Russell Peters… An Indo-Canadian comic, at a show in Montreal.

“Historic”: Monsanto to Pay Record $2 Billion to Couple in Roundup Cancer Trial

“We’ve been fighting cancer for nine years. It was caused by Roundup. We can’t do the things we used to do and we really resent Monsanto for that.”

A California jury ruled Monday that Monsanto must pay a record $2 billion in damages to a couple that was diagnosed with cancer after using the company’s weedkiller Roundup.

“We were finally allowed to show a jury the mountain of evidence showing Monsanto’s manipulation of science, the media, and regulatory agencies to forward their own agenda despite Roundup’s severe harm to the animal kingdom and humankind,” said Michael Miller, an attorney for Alva and Alberta Pilliod.        Continue reading

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