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St Joseph’s Alumni White Glow Annual Spring Dance – Toronto – June 08, 2019

Guyana: EX-GDF, EX-GNS, EX-GPM and EX-BGVF Officers 2019 Reunion Dinner- NYC- July 5. 2019

             Download: Ex-GDF Officers 2019 Reunion Invitation

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BHS Alumni Toronto Chapter – Bottom House Fete -Toronto – June 22, 2019

Brazilian Crooks Received $62 million in Trump Bailout Meant for U.S. Farmers

Company Owned by Brazilian Crooks Received $62 million in Trump Bailout Meant for U.S. Farmers

The Trump administration was alerted to alleged corruption by pork producer JBS USA, but issued the payments anyway.

Chris Sommerfeldt Tribune News Service | The Portland Press Herald

The Trump administration has forked out over $62 million — taxpayer cash that was supposed to be earmarked for struggling American farmers — to a massive meatpacking company owned by a couple of jailbird Brazilian brothers.

The Department of Agriculture cut a contract in January to purchase $22.3 million worth of pork from plants operated by JBS USA, a Colorado-based subsidiary of Brazil’s JBS SA, which ranks as the largest meat-packer in the world.         

The bailout raised eyebrows from industry insiders at the time, as it was sourced from a $12 billion program meant for American farmers harmed by President Trump’s escalating trade war with China and other countries.                Continue reading

To China, All’s Fair in Love and Trade Wars – Michael Schuman | The Atlantic

To China, All’s Fair in Love and Trade Wars

China has more leverage in its trade war with the U.S. than you think.

Michael Schuman | The Atlantic

Just how bad are things between the United States and China? Over an evening beer in Beijing this week, a friend and I debated which prominent American company China would whack first. It’s a serious question — and the answer could be the next ugly step in the escalating economic dispute between the two powers.

The standard line from President Donald Trump and those who support his get-tough approach toward Beijing is that because China sells more to the U.S. than the other way around, Washington has the upper hand in its game of tariffs. “China buys MUCH less from us than we buy from them,” Trump recently tweeted, “so we are in a fantastic position.”                  Continue reading

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