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Guyana Politics: AFC holds Press Conference on CJIA Expansion Problems

G$30B and counting new airport and runway extension…‘New’ CJIA still lacks cargo area, office space, new parking lot, etc.

–AFC commits to releasing modified airport designs
–insists corruption is a cultural problem in Guyana

The smaller faction in the coalition government, the Alliance For Change (AFC), on

BEFORE: photo of CJIA  terminal building

Friday said it has no problem lobbying Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, to release the modified airport designs.
The party has also admitted that Guyana faces severe challenges in the fight against corruption.

Minister of Public Telecommunications, Cathy Hughes, also Vice-Chairperson of AFC, made the comments on Friday during the party’s press conference.

The press conference was being hosted by Hughes and executive member, former Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin.              Continue reading

Guyana Politics: I sense this is the calm before the proverbial turbulence – By GHK Lall

  Letter By GHK Lall

It is quiet around here in the political straits and the desperate political shoals.  Things are very subdued, almost to the point of muteness.  Sometimes I wonder if I have lost my sense of hearing and powers of observation.  I do sense, though, this careful marketing civilizing business involved in the very crucial matter of political self-reinvention.  With so much at stake it is worth more than a try.  It could not come at a more opportune time, too.

Everybody has to be on their best behaviour and they are: the language is temperate and thoughtful.  Eggshells come to mind.  There is this rarity in political Guyana: every word and phrase is subject to cautious screening and tense analyzing for any undesired misinterpretation, anything resembling the outlier of the unintended.   Continue reading

Guyana: Pegasus Hotel has announced a September 2020 completion date

Locally-owned Pegasus Hotel has announced a September 2020 completion of its 12-storey suites and a seven-storey corporate offices expansion.

Robert Badal

The construction of the estimated US$100M project started in October last year.
It comprises a 12-storey tower providing long-term accommodation and a seven-storey office complex providing first world corporate offices.

According to Pegasus’s managing director, Robert Badal, all corporate offices would over time be converted to accommodation when it is viable to do so. The objective is to expand the services offered by Pegasus Hotel, a premier tourism company.

Giving an update last week, the executive disclosed that regarding the economic benefits, taxes from suppliers and bank interest during construction is estimated at US$2.8M per annum and close to US$4M per annum after full operation.          Continue reading

Let’s forget about race and welcome the newest royal into his place – By Yvonne Sam

– By Yvonne Sam

The birth of the first mixed race baby into the royal family has already resurrected some dangerous stereotypes about race

A brief look at social media reveals that the arrival of the anxiously awaited offspring of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has brought with it, the not- so- hidden rudiments of racism. When Meghan conceived, be not deceived speculations abounded like short range missiles in Nazi Germany during World War II.

After all, the expected baby was going to be the first, yes the first Anglo-American member of the Royal family. For the Black diaspora, in the United Kingdom, United States and especially but not exclusively Jamaica, the impending birth stirred an excitement, causing to surface unresolved issues surrounding the mysterious death of Harry’s mother Princess Diana in 1997.      Continue reading

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