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Guyana Politics: They do absolutely nothing for the country when they get power- By Freddie Kissoon 

Guyana: Pegasus Hotel has announced a September 2020 completion date

Locally-owned Pegasus Hotel has announced a September 2020 completion of its 12-storey suites and a seven-storey corporate offices expansion.

Robert Badal

The construction of the estimated US$100M project started in October last year.
It comprises a 12-storey tower providing long-term accommodation and a seven-storey office complex providing first world corporate offices.

According to Pegasus’s managing director, Robert Badal, all corporate offices would over time be converted to accommodation when it is viable to do so. The objective is to expand the services offered by Pegasus Hotel, a premier tourism company.

Giving an update last week, the executive disclosed that regarding the economic benefits, taxes from suppliers and bank interest during construction is estimated at US$2.8M per annum and close to US$4M per annum after full operation.          Continue reading

Tourism: Guyana’s untouched beauty has tremendous potential – Zegrahm Expedition FAM tour 2017

Guyana’s untouched beauty has tremendous potential for tourism

The Team that completed the nine-day FAM tour of Guyana and Director General of Tourism The Team that completed the nine-day FAM tour of Guyana and Director General of Tourism

“Guyana’s natural beauty is second to none. It could be touched a little bit more,” joked Michael Moore, Tour Leader for Zegrahm Expedition, who is part of 10-member team that returned for the Guyana FAM Tour 2017.


The group participated in Familiarisation (FAM) tour of Guyana, which was hosted by Wilderness Explores and The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA). The team comprised of members from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States (USA), spent nine days exploring Guyana’s rich natural habitat.

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GUYANA – Latest News from various sources – November 12, 2015

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 12 November 2015  –  Kaieteur News 

         (see other News sources at the end of this entry)

INVEST GUYANA 2015 – Guyana’s Premier Investment Magazine

iNvest Guyana 2015 Brochure

iNvest Guyana 2015 Magazine

View/Download: INVEST GUYANA 2015 – Magazine

Invest in Guyana and “Grow with the Opportunity”  

In this our third edition of INVEST GUYANA we welcome and introduce a new Government in Guyana which is charting a new course for Guyana’s development over the next five years. It has committed to ensuring continued economic growth and sustainable development and a drive towards a green economy. The recently released National Budget as presented by the new Minister of Finance has projected continued annual economic growth which will be led by major investments by the Government in the improvement and development of the national infrastructure.   Continue reading

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 29 September 2015

GUYANA – LATEST NEWS – 29 September 2015 – Kaieteur News

Work permits missing for Chinese workers on CJIA Expansion – Broomes

SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 | China Harbour Engineering Corporation (CHEC), the foreign contractor for the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) Expansion Project, has been asked to submit a plethora of documentation to the Ministry of Social Protection. This follows the discovery that one of its employees recently killed in a work related accident was in fact working in Guyana without […]

Venezuela border controversy… Maduro stands by claims but welcomes UN’s intervention

SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 | By Leonard Gildarie in New York –The Guyana administration has no immediate intention to spend monies to buy military weapons or increase its strength anytime soon, despite the aggression from neighbouring Venezuela. Rather, President David Granger insisted Sunday night, that Guyana will continue to seek solutions through the diplomatic route. Granger was speaking to reporters shortly […]

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Government instructs Brassington to explain all NICIL-funded Projects

Government instructs Brassington to explain all NICIL-funded Projects

SEPTEMBER 20, 2015 | BY | By Kiana Wilburg

NICIL CEO, Winston Brassington

For years, the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) has been touted to be a parallel treasury in the country. It was used by the former administration to invest millions of taxpayers’ dollars into highly risky development projects.

NICIL reportedly also spent tens of millions of dollars to build roads, drainage and culverts, and to lay pipelines and in some cases, underground power cables. The developed house lots, complete with infrastructure, were then sold to former President Bharrat Jagdeo, several ministers and Government officials and friends.

With a new board and Chairman in place, the government has instructed the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Winston Brassington, to explain NICIL’s investments into all projects over the years.   Continue reading

“The Real Guyana” – Guyana in 2013 -YouTube videos

Guyana has just celebrated 47 years of Independence. These are some of the videos that highlight the present dire situation in Georgetown and many other parts of Guyana. This Blog focuses on the positive and is neutral in Guyana’s politics, however the reality of Guyana’s social decay has to be aired.

Real Guyana – #1 – The Dirtiest Parliament Buildings – 2013

 Published on Apr 11, 2013  by Real Guyana·

In Guyana, Parliamentary sessions are conducted inside air conditioned chambers whilst right outside, an ocean of filth radiates outwards.

Starting at the gate. Junkies, vagrants, mentally ill people, the disabled, destitute old people sleeping on cardboard, piles of garbage human excrement, rats, putrid drains and the stench of everything you just read with the faint whiff of curry coming from the cook-shop on the corner. Behind parliament, a garbage heap burns.  Continue reading

It takes longer in Guyana – commentary

It takes longer in Guyana

September 1, 2012 | By | Editorial

One of the things that never cease to amaze the professionals in the society is the length of time it takes to complete even the simplest task. To acquire a birth certificate is a gargantuan task. People travel miles to the office of the Registrar General and would have to leave without the document.

This is not to say that the clerks are sluggish. Rather, it is the fact that they need to check the records, given the extent of forgery in the society.

It is the same with the passport. Each day, despite the various measures that the authorities have put in place, the Passport Office is full of people. One is left to wonder why is it that a country with less than a million people appears to be incapable of producing enough of the travel document.                     Continue reading

The government, NICIL and other controversies

The government, NICIL and other controversies

May 20, 2012 | By | Filed Under Features / Columnists, My Column

This past week the media reported on a series of events. There was the report on the construction of a new airport replacing the current facility that operates as the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. I have been using that airport for some time and I have seen the changes.

I travelled through that airport for the first time in 1988 en route to Jamaica. It was not much to shout about, but it was what this country had to offer. People who have been coming to the country had a most difficult time in terms of physical comfort when they entered the immigration section.

Over time there were improvements. Millions of dollars were spent to improve just about every section. State-of-the-art booths were installed at the immigration section. Air conditioning and just about everything to ensure creature comforts were installed.  Continue reading

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