Guyana: Architecture…Building under our sun

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Four-story timber traditional style

Four-story timber traditional style

Part I  – If there is a distinctiveness in contemporary Guyanese architecture, it is to be found in the radical departure from the good taste and from what the writer of this article,  Rory Westmaas, calls “the many examples of timber domestic buildings for the most part, in and around Georgetown.”.

Whereas, as Westmaas puts it, the “design and ornament” of our architectural heritage was influenced by “climatic and environmental conditions,” the structures of our contemporary capital are shaped by a rampant commercialism that focuses on huge, tasteless concrete warehouses that are concerned with little else but storage and display.   

This Rory Westmaas article at least affords us a refreshing reflection on a time that was.   [READ MORE]

Building under our sun – Part 2 of 2  [read article]

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  • compton de castro  On 01/20/2013 at 7:22 am

    interesting … also a lot to take in one go.
    but an informative part of GUYANA architectural history…

    thanks for sharing

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