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Catching caimans in the Rupununi

Catching caimans in the Rupununi

January 27, 2013 · By  · Comments    – Stabroek News
 Time, in Yupukari as elsewhere, waits on no Manuel.
Manuel the birdman was late and Mike the Rupunadian (which is to say he is both Rupununian and Canadian) was eager to show off the wonders of the Rupununi to some guests. “Well,” said Mike after wondering again about the whereabouts of Manuel, “time waits for no Manuel.”
And off he went.
Time in the Rupununi is different from elsewhere. Sometimes you forget what day it is and occasionally when you ask a villager, they “think” it is one day or the other. Here, in the rolling, grass-covered hills of the Rupununi, sandwiched between the Pakaraima and Kanuku mountain ranges, the day can begin at dusk or dawn depending on your interest.

Guyanese Online Newsletter – January 2013

2013 -Times Square

Times Square in New York welcoming the New Year 2013

Guyanese Online Newsletter – January 2013



Here is the latest Guyanese Online Newsletter – January 2013

You can download it here: 

Guyanese Online Newsletter – January 2013

It has 27 pages and covers a wide range of subjects related to Guyana and the Caribbean,  Suriname and Brazil. Enjoy!


The Guyana Parliament – commentary


Stabroek News – January 27, 2013  Editorial |

The general population has no idea what is going on with all these parliamentary motions with no outcome, followed by recourse to the courts and judges’ decisions whose implications the political parties then dispute among themselves.

The thing is, the bewildered electorate harbours the sneaking suspicion that the lawyers and senior politicians on all sides of the divide have no clear idea about what is going on either, let alone what the implications constitutionally of all these actions are. Whatever it is, as far as the average citizen is concerned, it has nothing to do with his or her daily life, and doesn’t seem to have any obvious connection to governing the country either.   Continue reading

Kissoon details why he called former President ‘ideological racist’

Kissoon details why he called former President ‘ideological racist’


With the Bharrat Jadgeo libel case making its first call for the year, defendant, and Kaieteur News columnist Frederick Kissoon yesterday (January 25, 2013),  returned to the witness box for the continuation of his evidence-in-chief before presiding Judge Brassington Reynolds at the Supreme Court. Kissoon, and National Media and Publishing Company, publisher of Kaieteur News, and Editor-in-Chief Harris, are being sued for over $10M, by the former head of state who is claiming libel in one of Kissoon’s daily columns published in 2010.


Frederick Kissoon

Under the direction of Attorney-at-law Nigel Hughes who is partnered with Attorney Christopher Ram, Kissoon started to explain how he came to term the former President an “ideological racist.”

With investigative research materials which have already been provided to the court, Kissoon said he has based his conclusions on his findings.

The columnist and former University of Guyana lecturer stated that from 1978, when he commenced research on Guyana’s political economy, it was revealed that there were two major ethnic communities, distinct in spheres and existence. He said they were the Afro-Guyanese and the Indo-Guyanese who were manifestly different in culture, religion, politics and economy.

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