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High Tide floods Lower East Coast road – Jan 2013 – video

High Tide Swamps Lower East Coast road in Guyana

Published on Jan 14, 2013 – Stabroek News – 

Huge waves overtopped the seawall yesterday from Kitty to Turkeyen as a result of an abnormal high tide flooding the East Coast Demerara road and creating traffic chaos as motorists were unable to journey beyond a certain point.

At around 4 pm yesterday (January 13), waves began to splash over the seawall between Kitty and Turkeyen and onto the roadway.

The situation quickly escalated into flooding after about half an hour. By 4.30, water had swamped the roadway, with the deepest section being between the Ocean View Hotel and the University of Guyana (UG) Road. Motorists were forced to use just one lane of the road but as the wave action continued, the entire roadway was flooded and even that had to be abandoned.  {Read more]

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Massive clean-up begins after East Coast flood – Jan 2013

No justification for local govt poll delay – Western diplomats

No justification for local govt poll delay; fix local govt laws- Western diplomats

Demerara Waves – 9 January 2013 –

Western diplomats are calling 2013  The Year for Local Government Elections, declared that there is “no valid justification” for the prolonged delay.  The American, British, Canadian and European Union envoys here urged all political parties to match lip-service calls for the holding of local government elections with action  by urgently resolving outstanding issues in legislative reforms that are before a parliamentary select committee.

Local polls have not been held since 1994 and since then many town and neighbourhood councils have collapsed due to death, migration and resignation. There have been allegations of corruption and shoddy drainage, road and garbage disposal works.   [see full text of joint statement below]

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Linden unrest again a possibility – video & news updates

TV row intensifies between the Gov’t and Region

Pres. Ramotar: TV License not part of the deal 

Demerara Waves – 13 January 2013 – The government maintains that the Region 10 administration will have to go through the regular process for a television licence like any other applicant with President Donald Ramotar being the latest to weigh in on the issue.

During negotiations following a one-month protest by Lindeners after three protesters were killed allegedly by the police, the region and central government agreed that television equipment donated to the mining town some time ago would be given to the Regional Democratic Council. [Read more]

Deer Hunting with My Father in Guyana – Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Red Deer - GuyanaRed Deer – Guyana

Source: Animals of Guyana (www.guyana.org)

My father was an outdoors-man: hunting was his preferred sport. We grew up eating wild duck, deer, bush cow (tapir), and wild pig or boar. His prized possession was a Winchester rifle. Playing with it meant lashes for us as kids. He hid it in his bedroom, unloaded, and kept the box of ammunition locked in a drawer.

I was in my late twenties when he agreed to take me on one of his deer hunting trips. He and his two hunting buddies decided to turn the trip into a family outing during an Easter four-day holiday weekend. Our hunting party of men, women, and children left Georgetown in three four-wheel-drive Land Rovers, heading inland towards Guyana’s clay and sand hills.

I enjoyed the drive across the undulating landscape of greenery crisscrossed with white and brown sands which rose…

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Google Books and the librarian backlash


Roughly a decade ago, Google hatched an audacious plan: The company would scan the world’s books and make them searchable. For our most recent ebook, The Battle for the Books: Inside Google’s Gambit to Create the World’s Biggest Library, GigaOM’s Jeff John Roberts tells the story of Google Books through the eyes of the authors, librarians, lawyers and Google staff who were involved.

In this excerpt, Roberts illustrates how, by early 2009, five years after the project launched, concerns about the legality and ethics of the project grew louder – and far more public. An early partner, Harvard University’s library began to turn against the project not long after the search giant reached a settlement agreement with authors and publishers. The leading anti-Google Books voice at Harvard was librarian Robert Darnton, and his criticisms reverberated throughout the librarian community.

By early 2009, influential figures in the academic and literary…

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