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Government is spending money not approved by National Assembly

The Government is spending money that the National Assembly did not approve

The Government is spending money that the National Assembly did not approve of and the opposition is not about to let the matter go easily. The opposition had cut over $21 billion from last year’s budget.  The opposition wants to know exactly how much money the House did not approve of, has been spent, and it also wants to know to which agencies monies were “illegally” paid over to.

Those answers are expected to come in this Thursday  Jan 10 2013, when the National Assembly meets.       Continue reading

Government accused of gross deception over broadcasting in Region 10

Guyana Government accused of gross deception over broadcasting in Region 10

Jan 8, 2013- Capitol News – A public meeting is planned for Linden on Saturday that is expected to address, among other matters, the gross deception being peddled with regard to the transmission and other broadcast issues in the region. Politicians and persons knowledgeable in the telecommunications sector are saying that the Central Government is trying to give the impression that all they promised the people of Linden were a satellite Dish and a transmitter and not a frequency. A broadcast License would have to be obtained according to the law, the agreement says.

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The PPP refuses to battle corruption in the central government

The PPP while battling corruption in the city council is refusing to battle corruption in central government

 Stabroek News – January 8, 2013  Letters |  Comments

Dear Editor,

Much has been made, and rightly so, about the firing of five Georgetown City Council officials, (‘Five city officers sacked after Audit Office probe,‘ SN, January 3). Some have hailed it as the first step in the right direction in dealing with the environmental problem Georgetown faces, while others, like me, also hail it in principle, but couldn’t help asking why there is always an appearance of African Guyanese being targeted for punitive actions.    Continue reading

A Visitor’s Impressions of Guyana (Part II)

A Visitor’s Impressions of Guyana (Part II)

January 7, 2013 | By |  Letters

Dear Editor,
On New Year’s Day, 2010, I shared a first-time visitor’s impressions of Guyana with the readers of this newspaper. My comments then were mostly positive, since my very pleasant experiences here had contrasted so sharply with the negative feedback I was given prior to my departure from Canada, some of it coming from expatriate Guyanese. Three years and two visits later, I would like to offer some further observations from an informed and sympathetic outsider’s perspective. However this time around there will be some negatives mixed in with the positives.

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