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What does Barack Obama’a second term mean for America?

What does Barack Obama’a second term mean for America?

Obama 2

President Obama, receiving a kiss from Michelle Obama, after his swearing-in, at the capitol on Jan. 21, 2013. (Mario Cabrera/Vision Fotos) .

News Americas, Washington D.C. , Mon. January 21, 2013:

   By Allison Skeete

Four years ago, I had the chance to come down to D.C. for the first inauguration of President Barack Obama – excitement was in the air everywhere you looked and turned.              Continue reading

Ralph Ramkarran Omits the Fears of Afro-Guyanese – David Hinds

Ralph Ramkarran is Spot-On but he Omits the Fears of the Other Side

By David Hinds  –   January 15th. 2013: guyanacaribbeanpolitics.com

But even as I laud it I do have a problem with the column. It has to do more with what was omitted than what was said. While the gist of the column was about the PPP’s fears that are rooted in six decades of history, it is, perhaps unfair, to discuss those fears outside of the PNC’s and by extension African Guyanese fears.    see: The PPP’s enduring fears – Ralph Ramkarran

Mr. Ramkarran spends the second half of the column discussing how the PNC could address the PPP’s fears and, although he did not say so explicitly, by extension the Indian Guyanese fears. Very well.   But the PNC’s inability to treat candidly with its stewardship of the state is rooted in the very six-decade history that informs the PPP’s contemporary behavior.

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This is One of the Worst Flu Seasons – commentary

During One of the Worst Flu Seasons, is the Flu Vaccine the Answer?

Story at-a-glance  – By Dr. Mercola

  • The US is currently in the middle of at least three widespread outbreaks of influenza and flu-like illness, including an unusually aggressive influenza virus, a novel norovirus, whooping cough (pertussis), as well as an uptick in laryngitis, and strep with cough
  • Apparently many flu shot recipients are coming down with influenza and flu-like illness despite having been vaccinated—a strong indication that flu vaccines are ineffective in keeping people well despite the fact that the vaccines available this year are a good match to the actual flu strains in circulation
  • According to recent reviews of hundreds of studies on the effectiveness of flu vaccines in children and adults, flu shots were found to be quite ineffective. At best, the vaccines might be effective against influenza A and B viruses about half the time and the CDC admits that influenza viruses only represent about 20-30 percent of all circulating viruses in this and other “flu seasons.”   Continue reading