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Alfred Pragnell – Bus Stop – Barbadian comedy

Alfred Pragnell – Bus Stop – Barbadian comedy

This Barbadian short story, taken from the CD entitled, “Skylarkin” gives one a humorous insight in to the life of the average Bajan. The performer, the late Alfred Pragnell, was a multi-talented individual. The author, the late Jeanette Layne-Clarke was herself a prolific writer and joined with the talents of the late and beloved poet Frank Collymore, the Barbadian cultural heritage was enriched, recorded and treasured for posterity. Do enjoy.

Teenage Parties – by Ken Corsbie – comedy video


Published on Dec 10, 2012

Those wondrous teenage years in Guyana and the Caribbean – of too long long ago – when youthful energy and wild hormones often conflict. When house parties were the rule. When Sinatra, Crosby, Nat Cole, Day, Sachmo, the big bands made us fox trot, waltz, jitterbug, slow jive, with nuff nuff footworks. Yes siree, “time cannot erase, those boyhood days” (Dave Martins).