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Criminal deportees sent back to the Caribbean in 2012 – US report

Criminal deportees sent back to the Caribbean in 2012 – US report

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thursday Jan.3, 2013: A total of 55,742 criminal immigrants were sent packing from the U.S. and back to their homelands in the Caribbean and Latin America in 2012, New Americas has found.

Data NAN obtained and analyzed from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency on deportee rates to Latin America and the Caribbean, found that while some 4,898 of all criminal immigrants were sent back to the Caribbean last year, Latin America accounted for over 12 time that number with 50,844.
A “criminal alien” is defined under U.S. immigration laws as a migrant who is convicted of a crime. Most of those deported were sent back for murders and sex and drug crimes.      Continue reading

The tale of two Guyanas – By Gordon Burnett

The tale of two Guyanas

By Gordon Burnett

Now that you’ve seen the happier feel-good “Guyana at Christmas” postings, there is a darker side to the country that I must share. This is a tale of two Guyana’s, separate and unequal in almost every respect.

On one hand, there’s the Guyana of the spectacularly wealthy. The citizens can shop at its most expensive boutiques, live in upscale neighborhoods and drink champagne at its swankiest nightclubs. This  Guyana is fueled partially by an explosion in gold production and its illegal export, so much so that it has overtaken the narcotics trade as Guyana’s main export. A recent sign of this bonanza is the fact that someone recently jacked up a very large gold shipment in Curaçao and no one seems remotely interested in claiming ownership.  Continue reading