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AFC wants NCN financial probe to be made public

AFC pushes for NCN financial probe to be made public 

10 Jan 2013 04:12 PM PST – Capitol News

As the Government continues to play the silent role in the findings in the NCN financial probe, the Alliance for Change is pushing for the document to be made public.  The auditors were called in after it was discovered that the CEO and the production manager were involved in financial irregularities that are not in keeping with the company polices.   Continue reading

Clash over allocation of funds sought by Government – video

Opposition MPs and Government Ministers clash over allocation of funds sought by Government

Posted: 10 Jan 2013 04:17 PM PST – Capitol News

There were sharp exchanges in the National Assembly, as opposition MPs and Government Ministers clashed, over the Allocations of funds sought by the Government. Minister of Housing, Irfaan Ali, faced the strongest criticism for his presentation of information, which his colleagues said, did not justify parliamentary approval for the 1.5 billion dollars he sought.     Continue reading

Court rules in favour of Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee

Court rules in favour of embattled Guyana home affairs minister

Clement Rohee

Clement Rohee

Opposition Leader David Granger had moved a motion last November seeking to bar Rohee from speaking in his capacity as Home Affairs Minister.

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Saturday January 12, 2013 – A Court has ruled that embattled Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee is entitled to speak in the National Assembly, putting aside an opposition inspired motion to gag the minister in the legislative chamber.  Continue reading

The Collapse of The American Dream – Animation video

The Collapse of The American Dream Explained in Animation

It’s the American Dream, because you gotta be asleep to believe it…

— George Carlin

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis – video

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

With the US raising their debt ceiling, are we in a global bail-out bubble that will eventually burst? This doc offers a fresh insight into the greatest economic crisis of our age: the one still awaiting us.

The financial storm that has rocked the world began brewing in the US when congress pushed the idea of home ownership for all, propping up those who couldn’t make the down payments. When it all went wrong the government promised the biggest financial stimulus packages in history and gargantuan bailouts. But what crazed logic is that: propping up debt with more debt? “They’re giving alcohol to a drunk: it just sets him up for a bigger hangover.”

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