Guyana: Geography: Highland or Forest Region – Part 3 of 4

A Documentary by Lal Balkaran  – Part 3 of 4

It is the third of a four-part documentary on the Geography of Guyana in text and pictures that focusses on the third natural region known as the Highland or Forest Region. It is close to 24 minutes of viewing and consists of over 200 lines of text, almost 70 photographs, some of which are indeed stunning and taken by the author himself, and eight maps. The documentary profiles and captures the way to look at this region – both physical, political, economic, cultural, and human.

Included in the documentary are photos of the forest itself, major waterfalls, mountains, rivers, minerals, and the 547-km Georgetown-Lethem Road.


Guyana: Geography: Highland or Forest Region – Part 3 of 4

These forests are largely untouched with untold wonders, breathtaking landscapes, and myriad range of biodiversity. Almost 160 scenic mountains and mountain ranges are found in the Highland Region – Imataka, Pakaraima, Iwokrama, Kanuku, Acarai, and Ayanganna, to name a few. In addition, there are close to 280 waterfalls including the world-renowned Kaieteur and such spectacular falls as Maikwak, Kumara and Maipuri.

Thirty known minerals have so far been found in the Region but by far the two most extensively mined are gold and diamond whose export value is equivalent to the combined value of the country’s traditional exports of bauxite, sugar, and rice.

Key places in the region include:

Amalia Falls, Apoteri, Imbaimadai, Iwokrama, Kaieteur, Kamarang, Kanuku, Konashen, Kurupung, Kurupukari, Mabura Hill, Mahdia, Masekenari (Wai-Wai village), Matthews Ridge, Mt. Ayanganna, Mt Roraima, Omai, and Potaro Landing.

The Amerindian tribes that mainly dwell in the Region are the Ackawaois, Arekuna, Carib, Makushi, Patamona, and Wai-Wai (or ‘tapioca’ people) in the deep south.

Key economic activities in the Region include air transport, mining, eco-tourism, quarrying, forestry products, wildlife export, and some agriculture.

Relax, enjoy, and learn so much more about the largest natural region of Guyana – the Highland or Forest Region – in this well-researched and carefully put together 24-minute documentary.

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  • kamtanblog  On 09/01/2020 at 4:47 am

    Thanks to GOL for the enlightened 4 part
    article and pictures.
    Entertaining !
    And to Lal Balkaran for putting it all
    togeather/making the impossible possible.



  • Clyde Duncan  On 09/04/2020 at 6:03 pm

    PART 4

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