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Linden Fund USA – LFU: 20th Anniversary Dinner & Dance – Queens NY – August 10, 2019

Dear members and friends,

Please join us and share your pride as LFU hosts its 20th Anniversary Dinner & Dance on Saturday, August 10 at 9 p.m. at the elegant ANTUN’S in Queens, NY.

Cocktail hour from 8 p.m. sharp

Tickets are $100. Enjoy an Open Bar & seated dinner, with plenty of dancing as we continue to celebrate the launching of our new LFU building in Linden and promote our education programs in Region 10.

There have been many requests for a celebratory LFU Dinner & Dance as of old, so get your tickets early from 20th anniversary Co-chairs Joan Casey & Bryan Benn and committee members. See the attached flyer for details.


Paula Walcott-Quintin. Chair, LFU

Visit us at www.lindenfund.org and LIKE us at www.facebook.com/lindenfundusa

Guyanese Achievers: Blue Plaque Unveiling For Cecile Nobrega – London UK – June 1, 2019


International Educator, Playwright, Composer and Renowned Poet

Cecile Nobrega

“Find me a place in the sun, in the sea, on a rock, near an Isle,” is the opening salvo of a poem written in 1968 by Cecile Nobrega.  The poem was titled The Bronze Woman, which was published in her first book of verses, soliloquies, and celebrates the women of the Caribbean and elsewhere.  However, Cecile Nobrega’s poem would go on to inspire the first public statue of a Black woman in the UK.

The Bronze Woman

The 10-foot bronze statue of a woman holding a child was unveiled in 2008 as part of the 60th anniversary commemorating the arrival of the Empire Windrush.  The sculpture, a physical representation of the Bronze Woman poem, was created to symbolise the strength and resilience of women as mothers, their essence as nurturers, and future aspirations for their families and themselves.

The statue proudly stands in a Lambeth Park known as Stockwell Memorial Gardens, a stone’s throw away from where Cecile lived.    Continue reading

CanGo Golf Tournament: Putnam Ontario. Canada – July 27, 2019

Download: CanGo Golf Tournament-2019 Registration Form

Guyanese Achievers: Joseph “Reds” Perreira Rolls On – By Dave Martins

I made some noise in a recent column in this space regarding the need for Guyanese to publicly recognize the singular achievers among us, including some who have passed on, the purpose being to elevate our knowledge of the worth of our own and especially so that our youngsters would grow up knowing of people of worth in their past. 

I had mentioned some names in the post – Laddie Lewis; Robert Christiani; Young Joe Louis – and I subsequently heard from readers with other names, some of whom, I must admit, were new to me.  One name I did know, partly because we are related, was that of sports commentator and organizer Reds Perreira and this week, as Reds is celebrating his 80th birthday, I’m using this space to hail him up for his accomplishments.         Continue reading

A Lesson for Politicians: Mexican Minister delays plane – Resigns

Mexican minister resigns after causing flight to be delayed

Josefa González Blanco asked Aeroméxico executive to ground plane to wait for her

Mexico’s environment minister has been forced to resign after causing a flight she was about to miss to be delayed by 38 minutes, in direct contravention of her president’s populist promises to rule for the people.

According to Mexico’s leftwing president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the minister then asked an executive from the country’s flagship carrier – with whom she was reportedly friends – to ground the flight while she scrambled to arrive.        Continue reading

Senior Guyanese Friendship Association: Port Dover Cruise – June 22, 2019

 Flyer Download: Senior Guyanese Port Dover Cruise – 2019 


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