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Guyanese Achievers: Joseph “Reds” Perreira Rolls On – By Dave Martins

I made some noise in a recent column in this space regarding the need for Guyanese to publicly recognize the singular achievers among us, including some who have passed on, the purpose being to elevate our knowledge of the worth of our own and especially so that our youngsters would grow up knowing of people of worth in their past. 

I had mentioned some names in the post – Laddie Lewis; Robert Christiani; Young Joe Louis – and I subsequently heard from readers with other names, some of whom, I must admit, were new to me.  One name I did know, partly because we are related, was that of sports commentator and organizer Reds Perreira and this week, as Reds is celebrating his 80th birthday, I’m using this space to hail him up for his accomplishments.         Continue reading

Guyana: The lessons of rodeo, regatta, kite flying…and popular attractions

The lessons of rodeo, regatta, kite flying…and popular attractions

Leonard Gildarie

The last week was a holiday, one with Guyanese taking their foot off the pedal for a breather. We are a hardworking people who are slowly learning the value of pampering ourselves. That sometimes for some people can be both intoxicating and a bad habit.

If you are familiar with what transpires in the US – North America in general – and Europe, holidays are a big thing. People love travelling for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The associated shopping and other associated activities have been money-spinners.    Continue reading

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