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Guyana: The lessons of rodeo, regatta, kite flying…and popular attractions

The lessons of rodeo, regatta, kite flying…and popular attractions

Leonard Gildarie

The last week was a holiday, one with Guyanese taking their foot off the pedal for a breather. We are a hardworking people who are slowly learning the value of pampering ourselves. That sometimes for some people can be both intoxicating and a bad habit.

If you are familiar with what transpires in the US – North America in general – and Europe, holidays are a big thing. People love travelling for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The associated shopping and other associated activities have been money-spinners.    Continue reading


Dave Martins

Dave Martins


Following recent musical explorations in the country, including Dr. Vibert Cambridge’s excellent book, “Musical Life in Guyana”, the current depressed state of our music industry is once again a topic of discussion. We are hearing renewed calls for more music education in the schools, and for ways to make instruments more affordable.

A well-known music teacher stressed the need to identify and foster singular musical talent. Some have called for the creation of a Guyanese “national sound”, and there has been the inevitable shout for government funding for music studios and facilities. It is fair to say that, particularly following Dr. Cambridge’s book, serious concerns have been raised about the state of our music industry today.  Continue reading

Major companies pull out of Mash Day float parade

Major companies pull out of Mash Day float parade

FEBRUARY 22, 2014 | BY  |

Mash-paradeA number of large companies that have been fixtures of the annual Mash Day parade will not be around this year. But coordinators downplayed this, yesterday, saying that the show will be as exciting as ever.

Out of the float parade are beer companies, Banks DIH and Ansa McAl.

When questioned on the reason for the withdrawal of the popular Carib Beer contingent, Public Relations Officer of Ansa McAL, Darshanie Yusuf, said that the company will be doing things differently this year.

At least two large companies will not be part of the Mash float parade in the city .  Continue reading

Georgetown – The Great Fire of 1945

Georgetown – The Great Fire of 1945

Re- Stabroek News May 7th. 2000

RA&CS building ablaze

As people jumped up in the streets on Mashramani, they probably did not realize that in addition to being the thirtieth anniversary of Guyana’s advent to republican status, the day also marked the fifty-fifth anniversary of possibly the most destructive fire in Georgetown’s history.
On February 23, 1945, the Great Fire, as it came to be known, devastated the commercial heart of the capital, and consumed a host of historical and architectural gems which had given the city its aesthetic flair. In addition, it laid waste the RA&CS building and its unique collection of books and papers pertaining to the past of this country.

Beginning in what was then Bookers Drug Store, the fire raged virtually unimpeded for five hours, incinerating 23 buildings, damaging seven others, and scorching several more.     [Read more of The Great Fire of 1945]

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Ah We Ting – Mashramani – by Errol Ross Brewster

Ah We Ting – Mashramani

Ah We Ting is a short feature looking back over time at the celebrations of Mashramani – a Guyanese festival brought into being by the political directorate at the time of the establishment of Republican status to nurture and develop the fusing of the diverse cultural strains of the people. The name is taken from the Lokono word Mashramehi which means celebration after successful cooperative work, something which continues to elude the nation as a whole but which hardly, if at all, dampens the festivities. (Errol Ross Brewster).

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MASH 2012 – Beer giants, Digicel rule the road

MASH 2012 – Beer giants, Digicel rule the road

Kaieteur News—February 24, 2012

  • float parade returns to Berbice after two decades

It took three giants –two into brewing and the other into mobile communications – to infuse much-needed energy to transform the Mashramani parade into a gyrating sea of red, blue, gold and white yesterday.
Thousands braved the threat of rain to line the main parade route and watch the annual costume and float parade that marks the climax of celebrations for the country’s Republic anniversary.

Brewery giants Banks DIH and Ansa McAl under their Banks Beer and Carib Beer brands infused the usual bacchanal that was associated with Mashramani, providing much needed entertainment for those who stood hours upon hours waiting.  Of course, there were those who chose the smarter route of picnicking on the sides of the road. Continue reading

MASH 2012 – ‘Soup drinker’ gives Young Bill Rogers Calypso crown

‘Soup drinker’ gives Young Bill Rogers Calypso crown

FEBRUARY 19, 2012 | (KNEWS)

Young Bill Rogers

Roger “Young Bill Rogers” Hinds yesterday copped the 2012 Calypso monarchy, chalking up his second win in this year’s Mashramani singing competitions. The second place winner of the Calypso competition was The Mighty Believer, while Lord Canary placed third. Young Bill Rogers had copped the 2012 National Health Song Competition.

Young Bill Rogers had copped the 2012 National Health Song Competition a month ago in Linden.  It was the second time in three years that he copped the National AIDS Programme Secretariat competition.  His composition this year was a song titled “Health is important.”. [more]

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MASH 2012 – “Guyana Funtime” – Slingshot Drepaul – Video

MASH 2012 – “Guyana Funtime” – Slingshot Drepaul – Video

This is a new video just released by “Slingshot” Drepaul as a Road March song for Mashramani 2012.

It has been dedicated by him:  to the memory of  the late Godfrey Chin (1937-2012), the man who popularized the phrase “Ya tink it easy?!!!” in his publications… May his soul RIP.

I the meantime listen to this vibrant tune and visualize Mashramani, if you will not be there this year. ENJOY!!!


—Post #1114

Living in Guyana – slide show

Living in Guyana – slide show

This is a THREE and a HALF hours slide show of pictures of Guyana, with a few short videos as well.   Do not look unless you have the time. …although  you can stop it and always go back and fast forward to where you left off.

The first TWO hours contains pictures of life all over Guyana even a bit of Mashramai, and all the races that live in Guyana.   Many shots feature the Amerindians, the Rupununi Savannas, various falls, city markets, the fruits and foods, country life, the sea wall, and kite making and flying and the unique architecture of Guyana.   It should make you home sick if you grew up in Guyana.  You cannot look away or you will miss a picture…. But there is a stop and pause button.

The last HOUR and a HALF features a group of Americans visiting Guyana with President Carter, on various trips around the country.   You will see the East Indian festival of lights, a bit of  Pagwah , and an East Indian wedding. ….   Here is the link:   Enjoy!!!!

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