One million dollar reward

Many persons may well be tired of this ‘story.’ But the shooting of Dr O’Toole is far greater than the suffering of a handful of people. The ‘story’ has now featured in the media in the UK,  Canada, the USA and throughout the Caribbean. With an attempted murderer on the loose, sadly, it asks questions of Guyana as a ‘safe’ place to live and invest and questions who might be next.     

Following invaluable surgery at Woodlands Hospital I am back in the USA for a 5th surgery on a paralysed hand.

There has been extensive coverage of the shooting in the media and on social media – much of it however is incorrect.

I have met recently with the highest levels of the police in Guyana and I am confident they are exploring all the leads they have available. Thankfully however a significant person of interest, based in the USA,  was very recently very careless to post some very incriminating evidence on social media. This has now been shared with the police and with the US authorities in Guyana. This lead is also being explored by cyber experts we have employed in the USA. As they told us last week, ‘these guys are not as smart as they think they are and they are leaving footprints that will lead to their capture.’

My own belief, all along, is that the shooting is related to the perverse video ‘game’ Fortnite with the shooter doing the ‘default’ dance as he was trying to kill me. This is the same ‘game’ that Prince Harry has launched a campaign against to rid from the UK. Parents do you know if your children are playing this horrible and destructive game?

Going forward?

There is widespread evidence that the initial poisonous post, threatening to blow up the school, came from a student who left Nations many years ago and now lives in the sunshine in the USA. His name is known to hundreds of persons, including the police. The details of this were shared with the police here and to the US Embassy. This was also reported to the FBI, almost 14 weeks ago, and we have been informed by the USA Embassy in Guyana that they ‘are pursuing the lead.’

The day after the shooting, it is alleged, this same individual posted on social media begging for protection and immunity and saying he would give information in return for his protection – it is unclear what the response was from the FBI to this remarkable post.

Guyana, like so much of the world, is replete with gossip and inuendo, with many allegations. In the interest of justice it is surely essential that these myths are debunked and Guyana’s image not be tarnished any further

In conclusion, my concern as someone who has lived here for 42 years, served at the University of Guyana for almost a decade and worked with thousands of students in every corner of this country, is that if this is the way someone of enough prominence to recently be awarded the Golden Arrowhead from the Guyana and the MBE from the UK government is treated – then what hope is there for the man in the street to get justice for their cause.

A reward of One Million dollars is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of the sad and very disturbed young boy who is the shooter. Please call 22 74623, between the hours 8am to 6 pm. to call in complete confidence.

Dr Brian O’Toole, Director, Nations