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Guyana: New Berbice passport office commissioned in New Amsterdam

The new passport office in New Amsterdam, Berbice.

DG Harmon was at the time officially declaring open the Department of Citizenship’s $57.5M Immigration office in Canje, New Amsterdam, East Berbice-Corentyne (Region Six).

At the simple ceremony, Harmon said Government has a responsibility to ensure that State services are available to all citizens, regardless of geographic location, political affiliation or any other factor. He noted that this was the first vision outlined by President David Granger when he assumed office in May 2015.        Continue reading

Guyana Politics: APNU+AFC launches `ambitious, agreeable and attainable’ manifesto

Granger: `It is not a campaign manifesto it is a contract. An agreement with the people of Guyana for the next five years and beyond’

President David Granger (centre) with the manifesto
President David Granger (centre) with the manifesto

On the occasion of its 5th anniversary as a coalition, the governing APNU+AFC launched its manifesto for the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections promising among other things conditional cash transfers, non-custodial sentences for the possession of small quantities of marijuana and constitutional reform,  the latter of which it failed to deliver as per its 2015 pledge.

Speaking at the launch President David Granger described the manifesto as “ambitious, agreeable and attainable”.          Continue reading

Guyana Defence Force (GDF) `fit for role’ – President Granger

A section of the participating Officers at this year's Annual Officers' Conference of the Guyana Defence Force. (Ministry of the Presidency photo)
A section of the participating Officers at this year’s Annual Officers’ Conference of the Guyana Defence Force. (Ministry of the Presidency photo)

An excerpt of the President’s address follows:

The Defence Force has effected organisational change in order to better identify and deter threats to territorial integrity and the national patrimony. The past five years have witnessed the Force’s regularization, reorganization and recapitalization.          Continue reading

Guyana Politics: A look at the 2020 landscape – By GHK Lall

 December 26, 2019


I must be optimistic; I have to be, or there is nothing. So what do I say and share with my fellow Guyanese, countrymen and countrywomen all? To be blunt, as we put the holidays behind us, I really don’t know. Or more precisely, I am at a loss as to where to start. But again, I must try.

I must find it within myself to hope that men will put the interests of this country first. There are a lot of new voices and new faces, but they fall short. I trust President David Granger to be the man and leader, who could take us places. The others are not even a pale shadow in comparison. And by that, I mean his peers and his competitors. I like Messrs. Ramkarran and Jonas, but as for the rest, I am troubled. They have too many of their own troubles. I will go with Mr. Granger, because I believe his heart is in the right place and his hands are not sticky. Both are imperatives for me.    Continue reading

A Guyana SPEAKS Special: featuring Guyana’s Oil – 29 December 2019 – London UK

Dear Friends,
Guyana joined the ranks of the world’s oil producers for the first time on Friday, 20th December 2019.  Exxon Mobil’s production of crude off the coast of Guyana was described by President David Granger as “momentous event” that is predicted to transform the economy and the lives of all Guyanese. To hear more on the topic of oil and gas, please join His Excellency Mr. F. Hamley Case at a Guyana SPEAKS Special on Sunday, 29th December (11.30-14.00) at the Classic in Tooting Bec.
Flyer for Oil 2019.png

Continue reading

Guyana: Historic draw of first oil has arrived – December 20, 2019

President David Granger


The historic moment was announced last night by US oil major ExxonMobil and came less than five years after one of the company’s subsidiaries made a major oil find in the Liza-1 well offshore in the sprawling Stabroek Block.

Minutes before Exxon’s announcement, President David Granger delivered an address to the Nation heralding the start of oil production and assuring that petroleum revenues would be prudently managed.    Continue reading

Guyana Education: 377 more Teachers added to the Teaching System

– As Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) hosts 85th Graduation

Guyana’s education sector has been boosted with the inclusion of 377 qualified teachers following the 85th batch of students graduating from the Cyril Potter College of Education.

The Cyril Potter College of Education’s graduating class of 2019

The 85th Graduation ceremony themed, “Re-branding Teacher Education through verbal and visual identities” was attended by President David Granger; Minister of Education Dr. Nicolette Henry; and a number of senior Education Officers, officials and Public Servants at the National Cultural Centre (NCC) on Friday December 13. 2019.    Continue reading

GuySuCo aiming for new 55,000 ton white sugar plant at Albion – GAWU

The GAWU-GuySuCo meeting
The GAWU-GuySuCo meeting

GAWU today said that GuySuCo has told it that it is planning for a new 55,000-tonne white sugar plant at Albion. The sugar union said this was disclosed by GuySuCo at a wide-ranging meeting on November 20, 2019

A statement by GAWU follows:

After more than a year of seeking to meet the GuySuCo about its plans to engender the viability of the miniaturized sugar industry, the GAWU was finally able to receive a presentation from the Corporation on November 20, 2019. The existence of a plan came to light following President David Granger’s address to the National Assembly in October, 2018. At that time, the President had disclosed that a plan was being developed.            Continue reading

Barbados PM calls on President Granger after returning from Ghana

His Excellency President David Granger, this afternoon, received a courtesy call from the Prime Minister of Barbados, the Honourable Mia Amor Mottley, at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri.          Continue reading

Guyana Public servants getting around 9% wage hikes

– hefty increases in allowances, minimum wage rises to G$70,000

David Granger
President David Granger 

Public servants, including teachers, nurses and doctors,  and members of the defence, police and security services, will receive permanent, tax-free increases in wages – 8.5% to 9% – and hefty allowances this year all of which will be retroactive to January 1st 2019, President David Granger announced during an address to the nation on November 13, 2019.          Continue reading

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