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Destination 2049: the Chinese Century: Projection of Money, Politics and Technology

What can Beijing learn from America’s retreat?: Unraveling China’s pursuit of dominance…. By Alan Philps | The National 

For more than two decades, experts have been predicting that this will be the “Chinese century”, implying that the Middle Kingdom is going to unseat the United States from its throne as the undisputed global power.

President Xi Jinping

While Washington has fretted over what this means, China has shown a marked reluctance to project itself as the world Number 1, following the dictum of the late Deng Xiaoping, “hide your strength, bide your time.” This policy was fostered in part by the desire not to fuel the angst of the Washington establishment over the spectre of its long-term decline.      

In his speech to the Communist Party Congress, President Xi Jinping cast aside any reticence about his plans for China to be a great power. By mid-century China would be “a global leader of composite national strength and international influence”. China would be moving “closer to centre stage”. The target date is 2049, the centenary of the revolution which brought the Communist Party to power and united the country after years of war and foreign domination.      Continue reading

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