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Suicide And The Young – Article by Caribbean Voice

As in the Caribbean, suicide in Caribbean America is still seen as a family ‘shame’ that needs to be hidden. Some years ago a young man died in the streets. A sibling disclosed at the wake that the brother would occasionally spend time by her home as he was living in the streets. On that night the young man called his sister around two or three in the morning requesting to drop by her.

She told him that it was very late and she needed to sleep, so he could drop by in the morning, as he knew where the spare key was kept. Next morning they learnt of the suicide of the young man but told the public that he died by a drug overdose. That young man, who came from an affluent family and whose father was well known in the community, was in the streets because of differences with a parent.

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Guyana: Central High Alumni New York: 11th Annual BBQ – June 29, 2019

Jamaica: Edward Seaga and the Institutionalization of Thuggery and Violence in Politics



The island of Jamaica has achieved international notoriety as a space of unbridled violence and as one of the main hubs for the trans Caribbean and trans-Atlantic drug networks within the illicit global economy. These features of Jamaican society developed rapidly after 1980 when Edward Seaga, became the fifth Prime Minister of Jamaica. As the leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) 1974 to 2005, Seaga was associated with the refinement of a mode of politics that garrisoned poor Jamaicans into areas controlled by political contractors.

Seaga was born in Boston in 1930 and died peacefully in Miami, Florida in May 2019. In the ensuing 89 years, his insecurity as to his identity and his wish to be accepted as part of the Jamaican ruling oligarchy sent him into a career to be an expert on Jamaicans of African descent. Edward Seaga and the JLP mobilized Jamaican workers against their own interests in organizations that guaranteed his success as a political entrepreneur.  Continue reading

Guyana Christian Charities (GCC): Annual Bake and Food Sale- Toronto – October 27, 2019

        Download Flyer: GCC Bake Sale – Toronto 2019


The CCJ Decision Is A Potential Win For All Guyanese – By Ronald J. Daniels


  By Ronald J. Daniels – 19 June 2019

Good. So let’s talk. The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) had made its rulings on the matters which caused us to hold our breaths since December of last year. The Court has found that the Motion of No Confidence was validly passed. It found that it has no jurisdiction (no right, in simple language) to determine whether Charrandas Persaud was properly a member of parliament. The CCJ further found that the Chairman of the Elections Commission, Justice Patterson, was not validly appointed to that post.            Continue reading

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