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Linden Fund USA: 20th Annual Family Fun Day – Plainfield NJ.- July 21, 2019


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Guyana Politics: GECOM’s chairman Justice (ret’d) James Patterson has resigned

Kaieteur News – 26 June 2019

Less than two years ago after being sworn in, Justice (ret’d) James Patterson has demitted office.
His decision to step down came after a ruling from the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) last week which found that the process leading to his selection was flawed.

Photo: Demitted office: GECOM’s chairman, Justice (ret’d) James Patterson being sworn in back in October 2017.

Yesterday, the Ministry of the Presidency made it clear that the decision was in keeping with the court order.

It was disclosed that Justice Patterson resigned on Monday June 24, 2019.   Yesterday, (Tuesday June 25, 2019), President David Granger met the former Chairman.

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Guyana Police: Deputy Police Commissioner Lyndon Alves suspended

President David Granger meets the newly sworn in police leaders last year. At left is Commissioner Leslie James while at right is Deputy Commissioner in charge of Law Enforcement, Lyndon Alves.

It heralded the dawn of a new era after a painful inquiry, ordered by Government, that stemmed from an alleged assassination threat against the president.

The shortcomings of the police force, from the report that came, called for new leadership– a new-look police force.
Less than a year has elapsed and one of those deputies, Lyndon Alves, who is heading Law Enforcement, has been sent on leave.    Continue reading

Are Blacks holding themselves back? – By Yvonne Sam

Are Blacks holding themselves back?

By Yvonne Sam

Have we sabotaged ourselves through victimology?

Who or what is holding Blacks back from achieving equality or marking true progress in this 21st century? One may immediately query the rationale behind such a question being raised, or conversely patiently await the reasons proffered.  The writer is sure to catch hell for being so fluently bold, but the truth must be told. Although not underestimating the experience and the legacy of slavery, arguably very little has changed to the advantage of Blacks over the last few years.

Nevertheless, it is not white supremacy or white privilege that is preventing Blacks from achieving racial equality. Black culture is.  We need to free ourselves from the cult of victimology.    Continue reading

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