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Impeachment: The Disintegration of the Democrats and the American nation – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

In the partisan context it has been talked about so much that it is now seen as nothing more than a mere electoral ploy.

It is becoming extremely hard to take the issue of impeachment seriously.  Plainly put impeachment has jumped the shark.  Recent behavior of the Democrats has left serious- minded politicians wondering if President Trump for political advantage is trying to goad Democrats into impeaching him. Gone is the established assumption that impeachment itself would be a blot on Trump’s reputation.

Frankly speaking, it would be impossible for any sane member of the Homo Sapiens genre to imagine a more preposterous scenario under the Constitution and in the history of the Presidency.  From the outset the constitution framers intended impeachment to be treated as a highly serious option restricted to the most extraordinary, deplorable violations of the rule of law. They knew that elected politicians would not be free of political motivation.    Continue reading

TV Quiz Show: Jeopardy!: James Holzhauer’s winning streak ends – BBC News

James Holzhauer’s Final Episode: Airdate 6/3/19 | JEOPARDY!

James Holzhauer was just short of breaking the programme’s money record

A professional gambler’s 32-game winning streak on US quiz show Jeopardy! has come to an end after he was beaten by a university librarian.

James Holzhauer had won $2.46m (£1.9m) before losing to Emma Boettcher.

He is only the second contestant in the show’s history to earn more than $1m in one run.      Continue reading

Guyana Christian Charities (GCC): Fall Dance – Toronto- September 21. 2019

                 Download Flyer: GCC -Fall Dance -Toronto 2019

Canada ‘complicit in race-based genocide’ of indigenous women – BBC News

Closing ceremony for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Canada is complicit in a “race-based genocide” against indigenous women, a government inquiry has found.

The report cited research finding indigenous women were 12 times more likely to be killed or to disappear than other women in Canada.

The inquiry blamed the crisis on deep-rooted colonialism and state inaction.

Among more than 200 recommendations is a call for all Canadians to help end violence, including by learning indigenous history.        Continue reading

USA: Brooklyn Borough Prez thanks Guyanese for their contribution to NYC

The delegation observes the raising of the Guyana Flag for Guyana’s 53rd Independence Anniversary. From left, Brooklyn Borough President, Eric L. Adams, Lesley Dowridge-Collins, Consul General, Hon. Barbara Atherly, Senator Roxanne J. Persaud, Farah Louis, city council member, elect, Deputy Inspector Tania Kinsella, Karen Wharton, and Rickford Burke, president, Guyana Independence.

By Tangerine Clarke – Caribbean Life News – 30 May 2019

Brooklyn Borough President, Eric L. Adams, during brief remarks at Borough Hall, on Friday, May 24, thanked Guyanese for their contribution, which he said has made Brooklyn, New York, a great place to live.

“Lets continue to lift, not only the flag, but the spirit and adoration of every rich community, as the Guyanese community has, said the politician, who joined the diplomatic corps, and expatriates on the tarmac of Brooklyn Borough Hall, to salute the Golden Arrowhead flag that was hoisted atop of the municipal building, to commemorate the country’s 53rd Independence Anniversary.      Continue reading

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