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BCSF Annual Golf Tournament – Carp, Ontario. Canada – August 09, 2019

Black Canadian Scholarship Fund (BCSF) Golf Tournament – 2019

DOWNLOAD: Invitation to 2019 BCSF Golf Tournament – English

DOWNLOAD: Black Canadian Scholarship Fund 2019 Brochure

DOWNLOAD: BCSF Golf 2019 – Sponsor Letter to Company Letters


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Video: Ventriloquist Megan Piphus Performs “I Will Always Love You” | Apollo Showtime

Video: Ventriloquist Megan Piphus Performs “I Will Always Love You” | Apollo Showtime

Megan Piphus – Published on Jul 24, 2018
My performance of You Don’t Own Me & I Will Always Love You on FOX’s Showtime at the Apollo


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Delighted You Failed Your English Exam, Son – By Martin Hemming | The Sunday Times

I’ll Always Have a Job as Long as You Can’t Spell

  Martin Hemming | The Sunday Times

The kidz can’t be bothered to write proper no more. So says a report last week that suggested increasing numbers of children are failing their GCSE English exams because they are writing in “slanglish”. If your immediate response is “OMG ikr” — “Oh, my God! I know, right?” — then it is, I’m afraid, too late for you.

As with most things that are terrible with the world — Bip Ling, the collapse of global democracy — technology is being blamed. Textspeak and autocorrect are the culprits.

This, of course, makes perfect sense, and we all secretly knew this would happen the first time Microsoft Word drew a wiggly red line under our deliberate misspelling of “separate”. Is it receive or recieve? Your smartphone knows, so why does your brain need to? Stationary or stationery? Oh, what difference can one little vowel possibly make? (Though, free tip: I always remember it as “E for envelope”. My pleasure.)             Continue reading

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