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Guyana: Reliance Schools Alumni: Student/Teacher Reunion Dinner Dance – Toronto- August 17. 2019

US Poverty: “A National Call For Moral Revival.” – By Mohamed Hamaludin

U.S. — Successor to Martin Luther King’s anti-poverty campaign seeks space in presidential campaign – By Mohamed Hamaludin

The Rev. William J. Barber II and the Rev. Liz Theoharis want you to know that 140 million Americans or 43 percent of the population are poor or earn a low income; 74 million are women and 39 million are children. In addition, 66 million are whites, a third of them living in the South, and 26 million are African Americans.

The reality, the two pastors say, is “a moral crisis” and a year ago they launched a campaign to awaken the nation to the real problems which the country faces. Almost exactly 50 years after the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. launched his Poor People’s Campaign, Barber and Theoharis revived the initiative as “A National Call For Moral Revival.”            Continue reading

Guyana: Time to put a stop to Crooked Cops – By Yvonne Sam

 – By Yvonne Sam

Investigation has provided no remediation. Ranks still collecting for protecting

I open with a statement  written by the author which appeared in your newspaper on December 10, 2015 — The Guyana Police Force in cooperation with the State, the Society and the Citizens of Guyana have according to their mission statement sworn to provide service and protection by means of crime prevention and detection, maintenance of law and order, traffic control, property protection and peace preservation, through the provision of the highest standard of professional police service with absolute integrity and dedication.                Continue reading

QC Alumni Literary Event – Toronto – Dave Rohee’s Book: “Kidnapped” – July 14, 2019

Download Flyer: QC Literary Event – Toronto – Dave Rohee Book

Guyana SPEAKS: Celebrates the work of Frank Bowling – London UK – June 30, 2019

Guyana SPEAKS is delighted to announce that the following distinguished guests have been invited to help us celebrate the work of Frank Bowling on Sunday, 30thJune (2-5pm): Elfrieda BissemberProf. Ben BowlingFrederik Bowling and Spencer Richards.

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