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Politics: Cyril Ramaphosa is South Africa’s new president – Reforms are required

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  • Eddy Grant – Hello Africa (Live in London ’86.)
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Cyril Ramaphosa

By Jason Burke – The Guardian UK – 26 May 2019

Voters are looking for the newly inaugurated president to take on networks of graft now they have given him a new mandate

In his long career as an activist, businessman and politician, Cyril Ramaphosa, South Africa’s president, has overcome many challenges. But few have been as daunting as those he will face when he sits down in his office in Pretoria.

The first is to consolidate his own position. Despite his electoral win this month, and Saturday’s spectacular inauguration, the 66-year-old is politically weaker than he looks. The African National Congress is deeply divided. Many opposed Ramaphosa’s successful bid for power at an ANC conference in December 2017. Some believe he is too “pro-business” to take radical measures to redistribute wealth in one of the most unequal countries in the world and too close to…

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Music Video: Boney M – Brown Girl In The Ring 1978 – Guyana nostalgia

Boney M – Brown Girl In The Ring 1978 

This song brings back memories of growing up in Guyana in the 1960 and 1970’s.

U.S: White nationalists pushing ‘replacement’ theory conveniently ignore history – By Mohamed Hamaludin

 – By Mohamed Hamaludin

In his review of Justin E.H. Smith’s “Dialectics of Enlightenment” in The New York Review of Books, Kwame Anthony Appiah points out that some noted figures of the “Enlightenment” held downright racist views. Voltaire “emphatically believed in the inherent inferiority of les Nègres, who belonged to a separate species, or at least breed, from Europeans—as different from Europeans, he said, as spaniels from greyhounds.”  Kant, commenting on something a black carpenter told him, said that “the fact that he was black from head to toe was proof that what he said was stupid.”

This racism carried over from the Enlightenment and liberal democracy into the body politic of Western civilization and its attitudes towards non-white peoples. One consequence was that it encouraged “the thought that the more advanced civilizations were merely lifting up those more backward when they conquered and colonized them,” Appiah noted.            Continue reading

Caribbean Heritage Celebration: Brooklyn NY- June 19, 2019

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