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Jamaica: Edward Seaga and the Institutionalization of Thuggery and Violence in Politics



The island of Jamaica has achieved international notoriety as a space of unbridled violence and as one of the main hubs for the trans Caribbean and trans-Atlantic drug networks within the illicit global economy. These features of Jamaican society developed rapidly after 1980 when Edward Seaga, became the fifth Prime Minister of Jamaica. As the leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) 1974 to 2005, Seaga was associated with the refinement of a mode of politics that garrisoned poor Jamaicans into areas controlled by political contractors.

Seaga was born in Boston in 1930 and died peacefully in Miami, Florida in May 2019. In the ensuing 89 years, his insecurity as to his identity and his wish to be accepted as part of the Jamaican ruling oligarchy sent him into a career to be an expert on Jamaicans of African descent. Edward Seaga and the JLP mobilized Jamaican workers against their own interests in organizations that guaranteed his success as a political entrepreneur.  Continue reading

PNP delivers crushing 41-22 seat defeat to JLP

Jamaica’s General Elections 2011:

PNP delivers crushing 41-22 seat defeat to JLP

Posted By Stabroek News On December 30, 2011

(Jamaica Observer) The People’s National Party (PNP) sent the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) back into Opposition after scoring a crushing 41-22-seat victory in yesterday’s 16th general election that pollsters and analysts had said was mostly too close to call.

A sober but triumphant Simpson Miller told jubilant supporters at PNP headquarters last night that she was thankful to the Jamaican people and Prime Minister Andrew Holness who, she said, called and congratulated her earlier. “He was very gracious.”

She urged comrades to greet supporters of the losing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) with love in an obvious extension of the olive branch after what was a vigorous and often bitter campaign. Continue reading

Guyanese Online Newsletter: Nov-Dec 2011

Nov-Dec 2011 Newsletter – Inside this Issue

Download: Guyanese Online Newsletter -Nov-Dec 2011

Page-1 – GUYANA ELECTIONS 2011 – Articles on the Elections;  Government, opposition to exchange lists of priority issues

Page 2 – Guyana’s Elections – A new era begins – Editorial;   Nov 15 – Dec 15 – 30 Most popular Blog entries

Page 3 – Guyana’s Parliament – History, Constitution and Operations; GUYANA’S CABINET – after 2011 ELECTIONS

Page 4 – Caribbean electorates: Not for sale – Commentary

Page 5 – New mining deal set to rake in whopping US$1.6B;  Guyana Goldfields considers selling Aurora operations

Page 6 – CGX Awards Drilling Contract for Off-shore Eagle Well ;   GGMC to be overhauled, new Commissioner identified;  Royal Caribbean – An iPad in every cabin

Page 7 – Combined opposition to push for higher wages, lower taxes;  Youth group denies calling for boycott of dozens of businesses Continue reading

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