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GUYANA: Ali, Norton engage in ‘tit for tat’ over meeting on constitutional appointments

President Infaan Ali

ENERGY: Tidal Power: Could Anglesey’s tidal energy project drive a new energy revolution?

Experts say Wales has huge potential for generating renewable marine power, yet, so far, ambitious schemes have been ignored
South Stack lighthouse on Holy Island, north Wales: construction on the island’s tidal stream project has just begun. Photograph: Getty Images
Sun 24 Apr 2022 08.00 BST – The Guardian

On the stunning and craggy coastline of Holy Island in north Wales, work has started on a construction project to generate energy from one of the world’s greatest untapped energy resources: tidal power.            Continue reading

CRICKET: Gujarat Titans win IPL title in fairytale debut season

May 30, 2022 – (Reuters) – Debutants Gujarat Titans were crowned the Indian Premier League (IPL) champions May 29, 2022 after they beat Rajasthan Royals by seven wickets in the final in Ahmedabad.

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CANADA: Why Doug Ford Will Once Again Win Ontario Election – on June 2, 2022

– Pride News – By Robert Danisch -Guest Contributor
On June 2, Ontario residents head to the polls to elect a provincial government. The most likely outcome is that Doug Ford will be re-elected premier of the province and his Progressive Conservative party will win the most seats.

Some people in the province will be frustrated, or puzzled, by such an outcome, especially in light of the hardships so many Ontarians have endured over the last few years during the COVID-19 pandemic.        Continue reading

UKRAINE: Russia pummels eastern towns in bid to encircle Ukraine forces

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BOOK: GUYANA: Bush Flying: A Pilot’s Nightmare – By Dave Rohee

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 By Dave Rohee (Author) – INFO +ORDER HERE – AmazonBooks

 Kindle Edition – $4.40 Read with Our Free App — Paperback –$8.81
The story is written by the pilot who survived this ordeal and lived to tell the tale. The location is the heavily forested Western region of Guyana, (originally British Guiana), and based on the gold mining that was such an essential part of life in the early 1950s and ’60s.    Continue reading

Short Stories – Flights of Fancy – By Geoff and Cruz Burrowes

 – By Geoff and Cruz Burrowes

Fancy Moore loved flying. Her father, Bill, was a big man, tall and with broad shoulders and a roughish twinkle in his eye  He was so big he almost had trouble fitting into his gleaming F35 fighter but he’d passed his love of soaring into the ‘wild blue yonder’ the white clouds, the deep blue sky to his daughter Fancy.

His old yellow Piper Cub plane, which normally slept in the old barn, at the edge of the farmer’s field behind their house, was meticulously serviced and Bill would take Fancy for flights as often as he could so she could savour the smell of old leather and oil and Avgas, could thrill to the roar of the old Continental engine as it pressed her back into her seat as her Dad accelerated down the worn strip of grass.      Continue reading

GUYANA-BARBADOS: Access to farmlands for Barbados as relations deepen with Guyana

– Pres. Ali says the friendship a good model for CARICOM

Access to farmlands, promoting tourism opportunities and supporting young people are among the key efforts towards deepening a ‘win- win’ partnership between Guyana and Barbados.

This is according to President Dr. Irfaan Ali who also believes that this can become a development model for the wider Caribbean.

The underpinning message as President Ali delivered the feature address at the opening of Barbados’ Agro-Fest on Friday May 27, 2022, was that Caribbean countries need stronger ties with each other.        Continue reading

USA: Expose the racism of the fig leaf which covers up ‘replacement theory’ – By Mohamed Hamaludin

U.S. — Time to rip away the fig leaf of ‘replacement’ and expose the racism which it covers up


The 18-year-old European American male who killed 10 African Americans on May14 at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket surveyed the store located more than 200 miles from his hometown to be sure he could kill the largest number of African Americans. He posted a 180-page manifesto which cited the “replacement theory” – a belief that there is a plot to replace European Americans with people of other races — and 672 texts indicating that he decided since February to kill “replacers.”

How could such a young man, not yet out of his teens, son of two New York transit department engineers, be filled with such venom? Take your pick:            Continue reading

Caribbean Health Summit for Healthcare Providers – ZOOM Event – June 9. 2022

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