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UKRAINE: Russia pummels eastern towns in bid to encircle Ukraine forces

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RUSSIA-UKRAINE war in maps: Tracking the Russian invasion – BBC News

By The Visual Journalism Team – BBC News — 24 May 2022

Russian forces are continuing their slow advance in the east of the country after using heavy firepower to weaken Ukraine’s defences.

Here are the latest developments:

  • Bombardment of Donbas region by Russia forces is intensifying
  • Russian troops withdrawn from Kharkiv redeployed in Donetsk
  • Russia preparing offensive to take key city of Severodonetsk
  • Ongoing build-up of Russian navy around Snake Island                

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UKRAINE war in maps: Tracking the Russian invasion – BBC News

BBC News – Published 19 March 2022 – 7.00 AM EST

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Russian advances have ground to a halt in many areas, with Ukrainian forces holding out in several cities and also launching effective counterattacks.

Here are the latest developments on day 24 of the invasion:

    • Fighting taking place on streets in the centre of Mariupol
    • Russian forces agree to allow residents to evacuate several cities in the east
    • Ukrainian forces holding on to Kharkiv and repel an advance to the south of the city
    • Russian naval forces remain off the coast of Odesa in the Black Sea

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