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GUYANA-BARBADOS: Access to farmlands for Barbados as relations deepen with Guyana

– Pres. Ali says the friendship a good model for CARICOM

Access to farmlands, promoting tourism opportunities and supporting young people are among the key efforts towards deepening a ‘win- win’ partnership between Guyana and Barbados.

This is according to President Dr. Irfaan Ali who also believes that this can become a development model for the wider Caribbean.

The underpinning message as President Ali delivered the feature address at the opening of Barbados’ Agro-Fest on Friday May 27, 2022, was that Caribbean countries need stronger ties with each other.        Continue reading

USA: Expose the racism of the fig leaf which covers up ‘replacement theory’ – By Mohamed Hamaludin

U.S. — Time to rip away the fig leaf of ‘replacement’ and expose the racism which it covers up


The 18-year-old European American male who killed 10 African Americans on May14 at a Buffalo, New York, supermarket surveyed the store located more than 200 miles from his hometown to be sure he could kill the largest number of African Americans. He posted a 180-page manifesto which cited the “replacement theory” – a belief that there is a plot to replace European Americans with people of other races — and 672 texts indicating that he decided since February to kill “replacers.”

How could such a young man, not yet out of his teens, son of two New York transit department engineers, be filled with such venom? Take your pick:            Continue reading

Caribbean Health Summit for Healthcare Providers – ZOOM Event – June 9. 2022

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