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USA Politics: Republicans Made A Foolish Bet On The Biden Agenda – Opinion

 Jennifer Rubin | The Washington Post

THE ECONOMY LOOKS READY TO TAKE OFF IN A WAY WE HAVE NOT SEEN FOR 30 YEARS. The International Monetary Fund predicts that the U.S. economy “will surpass its pre-pandemic size as growth reaches 6.4% this year …. up 1.3 percentage points from the group’s forecast in January,” CNN reported.

The IMF predicts the $1.9 trillion rescue plan will “deliver a strong boost to growth in the United States in 2021 and provide sizable positive spillovers to trading partners,” and, as a result, the “recession is likely to leave smaller scars than the 2008 global financial crisis.”        Continue reading

USA Senate Politics: The Filibuster Was Grounded in Slavery and Now Threatens All Life

Today it’s a convenient shield for cowardly senators to avoid going on the record about their opposition to popular legislation, instead they say, “Hey, it takes 60 votes; what can I do?”

By Thom Hartmann | Consortium News


The filibuster was invented by “the Grandfather of the Confederacy” John C. Calhoun, and its only purpose is to block legislation that otherwise has broad popular support but is opposed by racists and big corporate special interest groups.    Continue reading

U.S.A: Georgia mocks democracy by criminalizing giving food and water to voters in line – By Mohamed Hamaludin

It would take a special breed of human beings to pass a law making it a crime to offer water and food to another human in need, such as while waiting in line to vote. that is what Georgia’s Republicans in control of the state have done as part of a new law intended to stave off non-existent electoral fraud.

For good measure, Gov. Brian Kemp, flanked by six European American men, signed the bill, in private, on March 25, within hours of its passage, a painting of a slave plantation in the background. And when Democratic State Rep. Park Cannon, an African American, knocked on his door to be let in to witness the signing, state troopers arrested, charged and literally hauled her off to jail.    Continue reading

U.S.A. POLITICS: Unchecked Senate filibuster equals doom for electoral reform – opinion


The 14th Amendment to the Constitution guarantees universal adult suffrage but it also allows disenfranchisement for committing a crime. Southern states seized on that loophole post-Reconstruction to round up African Americans, charge them with bogus crimes, inflict punishment by public whipping and take away their votes, as Pema Levy noted in Mother Jones.

“Freed from federal oversight after Reconstruction, most Southern states by the 1900s had rewritten their constitutions to deny Black people the vote through nominally race-blind provisions, including expanded criminal disenfranchisement,” Levy reported. “These measures, alongside poll taxes, literacy tests, grandfather clauses, fraud, registration restrictions, and vigilante violence, were part of the toolkit used by white supremacists to maintain a system of racial subordination.”     Continue reading

USA Politics: The Trump Crew’s Incompetence Lasted to the End – Opinion

The former president’s lawyers were bad — but that was all too typical.

David Frum | The Atlantic 

If future generations of law professors want to teach a class in what never to do, the belligerent and self-indulgent performance of Michael van der Veen, one of Donald Trump’s impeachment lawyers, could provide a lot of the video content.

Deep into his defense of the former president, van der Veen broke into a highly personal complaint. More than 140 law professors — including President Ronald Reagan’s solicitor general and a co-founder of the conservative Federalist Society — had signed a letter condemning the Trump team’s arguments as “frivolous”. This letter badly hurt van der Veen’s feelings. The letter, he said, represented, a “direct threat to my law license, my career, and my family’s financial well-being.”         Continue reading

US Politics: BIDEN WILL LIE TO YOU; All presidents do. – By Adam Serwer | The Atlantic

Joe Biden

 Adam Serwer | The Atlantic

ALL PRESIDENTS LIE. Even so, the Trump administration weaponized dishonesty to a remarkable degree. 

Donald Trump did not merely lie to exaggerate his accomplishments, or smear his opponents. For Trump and the Republican Party, lies were a loyalty test. To reject Trump’s lies or exaggerations, even if they contradicted prior assertions by the now-ex-president, was to express disloyalty, the only Trump-era sin that was unforgivable by his faithful. This allowed the president to fashion, for his supporters, alternate realities whose tenets could not be questioned, such as his false allegations of voter fraud.          Continue reading

U.S. Senate acquits Trump as Republicans save him in impeachment – Reuters

The Senate vote of 57-43 fell short of the two-thirds majority needed to convict Trump on a charge of incitement of insurrection after a five-day trial in the same building ransacked by his followers on Jan. 6 shortly after they heard him deliver an incendiary speech.      Continue reading

Commentary Is National Unity In The US An Unattainable Fantasy – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam – Contributing Columnist

In America, as the call for national “unity” from people in the media and political classes gets louder, a stronger sense of displacement appears. Taking into consideration events, such as protests, an impeached ex-president, business closures, government-ordered quarantine, lock-downs and riots, national unity is an inexecutable illusion.

Americans were told by the so-called “unifiers” that all Trump had to do to unify the country was to go quietly into that good night, and that all Joe R. Biden has to do to help unify the country, is to make nice with Trump voters, and, above all, be the liberal/moderate that he has displayed in public, during his four decades of government service. What an oxymoron.      Continue reading

US Politics: Antony Blinken replaces Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State – BBC News

Antony Blinken: Who is America’s new top diplomat?

By Barbara Plett Usher –BBC State Department correspondent – BBC News 

Antony Blinken addresses a welcome ceremony after arriving at the State Department in Washington DC. Photo: 27 January 2021 REUTERS
 Antony Blinken is a veteran diplomat who’s on home turf in the department

This is the third time I’ve witnessed a new secretary of state enter the building.

For Donald Trump’s envoys – Rex Tillerson and Mike Pompeo – the lobby was packed, infused with a mixture of apprehension and hope.

For Antony Blinken, the lobby was nearly empty because of Covid protocols – but the absent presence of the diplomatic corps was infused with a sense of relief.


USA POLITICS: America is a nation convulsed by the reality of waning white power – Opinion


Have you ever wondered why there are African-Americans, Latino-Americans, Native-Americans and Caribbean-Americans but no  Anglo-Americans? In f act, there are and they are known as “whites,” signifying power, and there is no reason for a hyphenated label.

“White” is meant also to reflect the conceit that the country is homogenous and all others are add-ons. That is the erroneous belief handed down from even before the founding of the republic. A homogenous society is one like China or India or Japan, where cultural sameness binds citizens together and very strict immigration policies severely limit the influx of foreigners.      Continue reading