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SHORT STORY – Awash to the gunnels – By Geoff Burrowes

  — By Geoff Burrowes

I read recently that Jerry Gouveia has died. I thought he would live forever. He was a takouba, probobly the toughest man I ever knew and I have known some tough ones! Sam Driver, his Dad Dickie Driver, Stan Brock, Louis Orella and some of the Macushi and Wapishana vacqeros I had the pleasere to work with: Peter, Olaaf,  Lionel, Walter  and Chico, Cesar Gorinsky’s friend.

My enduring memory of Jerry is of him securely clutching a rugby ball, flying down the touchline, knees high, with a devil may care grin on his face.

What most people don’t know about Jerry was that he was an accomplished oarsman. Pure muscle and sinew, Jerry pulled much more than his weight on the oars! The story I’m about to tell you is about Max Jardim, Jerry and his brother Alvaro!        Continue reading

DESANTOS FOUNDATION – 10th Annual Walk from Toronto to Niagara Falls – September 23-26, 2021

August 2021 – DESANTOS FOUNDATION – Empowering Lives!

Thank you for being open to the possibility of supporting our DeSantos Foundation’s 10th Annual Walk from Toronto to Niagara Falls Here are some details about our fundraising initiative.

My name is Veronica De Santos and community involvement has always been an integral part of my life. It is the foundation of our philosophy at my martial arts school, DeSantos Premier Martial Arts (DPMA), as evident in the Principles of Black Belt and Student Pledge our student’s practice. We believe in contributing positive, empowering programs and vital resources to those living in our community both locally and globally.

DPMA is incredibly active in our community from helping with school fun fairs, community events and providing anti-bullying workshops free for elementary schools. The DeSantos Foundation is an extension of our community efforts and is a way for students to further give back.      Continue reading

GCA: Guyana Cultural Association Of New York – Folk Festival Family Fun Day – September 5, 2021

USA: An In-Depth Analysis of the Afghanistan Crisis – By: The Conversation

Academic rigour, journalistic flair
In-Depth Analysis of the Afghanistan Crisis
Here is what our coverage today of the crisis in Afghanistan is not about: It is not about political figures trashing the president or how 2022 midterm campaigns will use the messy exit as a cudgel against opponents. And there are no pundits opining about the “optics” of what is going on.

What we offer instead is trenchant analysis. Two experts – one a scholar long-experienced in foreign affairs, the other a security policy and politics analyst – provide critical insights on the history of the Afghanistan conflict and how over two decades it led, ultimately, to the terrible images of chaos and death we have seen over the past few days.          Continue reading

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