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GUYANA: Multi-million dollar gold heist…Detectives find part of stolen cash buried in soldier’s backyard


– Three now in custody

Kaieteur News – After grilling suspects, interviewing persons of interest, receiving tip offs and locating vital evidence, detectives Saturday night made a major breakthrough by recovering some of the cash that was stolen in the multi-million dollar gold heist last Thursday.

The recovered cash, according to information reaching this media house totaled to $18M and was found buried in the backyard of a serving member of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF). He has since been arrested along with another GDF member believed to be his girlfriend.          Continue reading

OPINION: The underbelly of Guyana – Editorial in Kaieteur News

 The made-up face of Guyana sparkles, but the sheen only goes so far beneath the surface. It is the well-tended face that is presented to the world with overwhelming power, to be seen, regardless of interest, agreement, or healthy skepticism. But there is another side to Guyana, which is less of quantity and its gloss, one that goes deep and to many dark places.

Today, we speak of that other side of Guyana beneath the smiling face, and the sweet words that flow, especially from political leaders.    Continue reading

TRAVEL: Is Covid Being Used As An Excuse To Stop Cheap Travel? 

From red list chaos to expensive tests and complicated rules, these new restrictions are unlikely to end when the pandemic does 

Ross Clark | the Telegraph UK

It takes a lot to part us Brits from our overseas breaks. No sooner had France been removed from the “amber plus” list than queues were reported to have formed at St Pancras International station as people sought tickets for the Eurostar.

Under these revised rules, anyone holidaying in France will not have to isolate for 10 days on their return, though a family of four will still have to pay hundreds of pounds for repeated Covid tests – and they do still risk falling foul of sudden changes in rules.        Continue reading

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