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GUYANA: Biblical Reference: “Mark Of The Beast” Linked To COVID-19 Vaccines – By Mosa Telford

Some people have been linking the biblical references about a mark of the beast to COVID-19 vaccines. In this era where facts and misinformation are amalgamated, it can be difficult to differentiate truth from untruth? But do truth and untruth remain unchanged? Or do they change depending on the time and the people?

Global connectivity through the worldwide web has exposed us to a wealth of information. But we are constantly bombarded by the noise of the world and we must filter what we take in, for while information can enlighten us, it can also influence irresponsible behaviour and decisions.        Continue reading

UK woman donates US$500,000 to UWI as ‘Personal Reparation’ for Slavery

By Sashana – BUZZ NEWS – Aug 23, 2021

Bridget Freeman

Bridget Freeman has bequeathed her estate to The UWI

Bridget Freeman was watching a series about the Atlantic slave trade and was appalled at the brutish system. Freeman, who is in her 70s, had lived in the United Kingdom for most of her life. She knew very little about the enslavement of Africans and the impacts it has had on their descendants.

“I was horrified and it touched me and I thought dear God, this is not right” she said.

So, she decided that she wanted to do something now. Freeman has bequeathed her properties worth US$500,000 to The University of the West Indies (UWI), through its Global Giving campaign.            Continue reading

CRICKET: Michael Holding: ‘I Didn’t Worry About Who Was At The Crease’ – By Murad Ahmed | Financial Times     

The West Indian fast-bowling legend on his playing career, speaking out against racism — and why he’s happy to be an ‘old fogey’ 

 By Murad Ahmed | Financial Times     

FULL NAME: Michael Anthony Holding  BORN: February 16, 1954, Half Way Tree, Kingston, Jamaica

Michael Holding suddenly appears at my table in an otherwise empty restaurant. My failure to notice the former West Indian cricketer’s arrival is in keeping with his poetic nickname: “WHISPERING DEATH”.           

That moniker relates to his graceful yet fearsome bowling action. In Holding’s pomp, he would glide across the turf, sprinting feet barely making a sound, before flinging a cricket ball at more than 90 miles an hour, a potentially lethal bullet if a batsman were struck between the eyes.              Continue reading

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