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MUSIC VIDEO: Caribbean Oldies (Guyanese) Mix – by DJ ZirROC MuZiK

MUSIC VIDEO: Caribbean Oldies (Guyanese) Mix – by DJ ZirROC MuZiK

Commentary: Living Off The Grid – By By Mosa Telford

  Stabroek News – By By

We exist in a harsh environment not because of the heat or cold or shrubs or stones, but because we are trapped by the system. Life is fleeting and the time we are given should be spent growing and living comfortably. Throughout our lives we should be acquiring knowledge, becoming wiser and enjoying the best of health. Living should not mean being constantly in pain, fear and stress.

I saw a meme that said, “We are really on a rock paying bills.”

And in response, someone wrote “The rock gave us everything we needed to survive for free, but we decided to create money and bills.”        Continue reading

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