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Reflections: Who is My Family? – by Rosaliene Bacchus

FROM BLOG: Three Worlds One Vision- ~ Guyana – Brazil – USA
Photo Credit: LDS Living

Family has always been central to my well-being. At an early age, growing up in what was then British Guiana, I realized instinctively that my family was vital to my survival. My parents’ constant bickering and violent verbal exchanges threatened the unity of our nuclear family of seven: two adults and five children.

Connections with the two branches of my extended maternal and paternal families tempered the fears and insecurity that unsettled my young life.

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OPINION: Not Historical – By Geoff Burrowes

  – By Geoff Burrowes

        To you who are kind enough to read my musings: please understand that I am not necessarily writing historically accurate stories. What they are are my personal memories, mainly of BG and Guyana – memories that have shaped me as an “Old Fowl” in Toronto, Canada.

        Although I am proud of my country, Canada, my roots in Guyana have made me what I am. But my experiences and memories will not necessarily be the same as others who grew up in Guyana.

        I’ll give you an example.           Continue reading

Visualizing the History of the World – By Jeff Desjardins – Visual Capitalist

Throughout the history of the world, many civilizations have risen and fallen.

You may be familiar with the achievements of prominent societies like the Romans, Mongols, or Babylonians, but how do all of their stories intertwine over time and geography?

Visualizing the History of the World

Today’s video comes to us from Ollie Bye, and it attempts to integrate the histories of all major civilizations known by historians into a single, epic video.

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