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SWEET DRINK: Lemonade People and Community Bottlers – By Dr. Vibert Cambridge

– Profiles of a Few Entrepreneurs

By  August 8, 2021 

The previously mentioned 2020 Facebook communication and in-depth, in-person conversations with family members about “sweet drink” led to the selection of the individuals who are profiled in this installment.  The emerging map indicates that bottling plants have been present in all three of Guyana’s counties at various times during the 20th century.

The current concentration of sweet drink bottling capacity on the East Bank of Demerara is the outcome of the strategic decisions of two of Guyana’s leading private corporations. However, it must be noted that, from 1914 to the 1970s, there were several players in the sweet-drink marketplace. The owners of these establishments are fondly referred to as the Lemonade People. Their importance is not limited to the sweet-drink story. They also played a role in entrepreneurialism and industrialization. As is the case for Wieting and Richter, much has yet to be learned about the Lemonade People. What follows is a contribution to this task.

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GUYANA: The Cultural Significance of ‘Gyaaf’: Implications for the Diaspora – By Lear Matthews

By Lear Matthews

  • Give me de gyaaf nuh man…Ah cyant wait to hear (Anonymous)

With the passage of time cultural heritage and customs among diasporans become a casualty of new acculturative experiences as they assimilate into societies such as Canada, USA and the UK, Aka host countries. Nonetheless even as they embrace new social institutional norms, retaining traditional culturally familiar modes of communication couched in reminiscing past experience and practices, is essential to adaptation in their new home. This article seeks to stimulate thinking about the way thoughts, information and messages are transmitted among people living outside their country of origin.

The word “Gyaaf”or “Geaaf” (local dialect) evokes a sense of identity and recognition among Guyanese. It is a unique style of verbal communication covering a range of topics, characterized by animated, exaggerated articulation of facts, colorful stories or incidents often embellished. According to Guyanese Journalist and Folklorist Ovid Abrams the term refers to an informal chat or entertaining conversation. While a second- generation diasporan noted, “when I hear the word I know the conversation will not be a dry discussion of boring facts, but filled with laughter and exuberant hand gestures”.        Continue reading

MIGRATION: Pete McMartin: Historic human tsunami likely in Canada’s future – OPINION

There will be climate refugees in the millions — if not the hundreds of millions — fleeing to countries where life is still tolerable.

Author: Pete McMartin –: Aug 20, 2021 – Vancouver Sun

New refugees arrive at Olympic Stadium in Montreal, Quebec, August 5, 2017. The stadium has been turned into a shelter for hundreds of refugees who have flooded across the Canada/US border in recent weeks. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on August 4 promised that his government would redouble its efforts to handle the influx of migrants illegally entering the country from the United States to seek asylum. / AFP PHOTO / Geoff RobinsGEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty Images

PHOTO: A flood of refugees arrive at Olympic Stadium in Montreal. Photo by GEOFF ROBINS /AFP/Getty Images

In December 2020, The New York Times ran a piece headlined, “How Russia Wins The Climate Crisis.” Its theme was stark, as apocalyptic visions usually are.

The Times foresaw a future in which climate change will remake the world’s geopolitics as well as its environments. There will be climate refugees in the millions — if not the hundreds of millions — fleeing to countries where life is still tolerable.        Continue reading

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