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MUSIC: Jamaica: “Miss Pat” – Recording and Promoting Reggae Music since the 1950’s – Video

MUSIC: Jamaica “Miss Pat” – Promoting Reggae Music since the 1950’s

Miss Pat is a Jamaican of Chinese and Indian heritage who promoted and created reggae music in Randy’s Record Mart and Randy’s Studio 17 in Jamaica. The 50’s and 60’s were exciting times she says as the new music form was born to reflect the lives of the people of Jamaica.

After about 20 years in Jamaica creating and selling reggae music, she and her husband Vincent “Randy” Chin moved to New York City, in 1977. There they opened a new store namely VP Records, in Jamaica. Queens. Adjusting to a new culture, while building a business was difficult, but they survived. VP Records is now the largest independent reggae music label in the world. VP Records now has a catalog of over 25,000 recordings from hundreds of worldwide artists.

GUYANA: Celebrating Citizen Stanley Ming – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Farrier with Stanley Ming, June 2021.

 – by Francis Quamina Farrier 

A couple of weeks ago, Citizen Stanley Ming, a highly-respected Guyanese businessman, celebrated his 70th. Birthday. Thousands of his relatives, friends, colleagues and admirers in Guyana and around the world, also celebrated the special event, one way or another, and sent Best Wishes to “The Birthday Boy.” And rightly so. Citizen Stanley Ming who was the recipient of the National Award of the Golden Arrow of Achievement (AA), is a golden role model for anyone who desires to live an exemplary life.
Anyone who wants to live a life of positive service to his country, especially in business, can emulate Citizen Stanley Ming.    

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CANADA: Toronto was just ranked the second safest city in the world – The Economist

BlogTO- August23, 2021

Despite last year’s spike in incidents of gun violencestunt driving and more amid lockdown, Toronto was just ranked the second safest city in the world, coming only behind Copenhagen, which regularly places high on lists of the best and safest places to live.

The new list for 2021, courtesy of the Economist, takes into account a slew of factors, from digital, infrastructure and personal security to environmental security and, especially important after COVID-19, health security.



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