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OPINION: The underbelly of Guyana – Editorial in Kaieteur News

 The made-up face of Guyana sparkles, but the sheen only goes so far beneath the surface. It is the well-tended face that is presented to the world with overwhelming power, to be seen, regardless of interest, agreement, or healthy skepticism. But there is another side to Guyana, which is less of quantity and its gloss, one that goes deep and to many dark places.

Today, we speak of that other side of Guyana beneath the smiling face, and the sweet words that flow, especially from political leaders.    Continue reading

Minister of State Joe Harmon in NY: Pride returns to Guyanese people

Harmon: Pride returns to Guyanese people

Brooklyn NYMinister of State, Lt. Colonel (Retd) Joseph Harmon, told Guyanese during a recent town hall meeting in Brooklyn, that the Coalition government has b rought back pride to the Guyanese people. The informative hours-long discussion addressed many concerns that were on the minds of expatriates.

Crime that has reached alarming levels in Guyana was a top priority for expats, who called for a plan of action to safeguard their security, especially when travelling from Cheddi Jagan Int. Airport.     READ MORE

Crossing the line – commentary

Crossing the line


Shock waves reverberated around the country Tuesday evening. Former Home Affairs Minister and current General Secretary of the People’s National Congress Reform, Oscar Clarke, had been shot. He had just returned home with his wife who was expecting some relatives.

Four young men, said to be no more than boys, entered the yard and placed a gun to Clarke wife’s head and proceeded to rob the family. This is most remarkable and it tells the story of the level to which the society has descended.   Continue reading

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