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From the Diaspora… OLD HABITS HARD TO DIE – By Ralph Seeram

From the Diaspora… OLD HABITS HARD TO DIE

AUGUST 3, 2014 | BY  –  By Ralph Seeram

ballot boxIt was like an excursion; busloads of PNC supporters travelling from poll station to poll station in Berbice to vote. There was much merriment; everybody was so happy committing election fraud. But who could object, the entire electoral process was controlled by the PNC. It was blatant for all to see that the election was being rigged.

I had suggested to some friends not to waste their time to go voting as they have already voted. Many persons approached me saying they were turned away at the voting booth because they had voted already. On the Corentyne, PPP supporters were desperately trying to ensure that their representatives accompanied the ballot boxes. We know that some were murdered by GDF soldiers in that process.   Continue reading

Essay (for Oscar)- Building a Nation – by Major General Joseph Singh

Essay (for Oscar)- Building a Nation

Retired Major General Joseph Singh

Retired Major General Joseph Singh

Dear Editor

A patriotic, urbane and distinguished Guyanese is now lying on a hospital bed  as a recovering victim of a callous, brutal and vicious attack on his person and on his family by four ‘youth men’, one of whom reportedly shouted “Police”, before their assault.

Mr Oscar Clarke, former Regional Chairman, Minister of Government and Diplomat and the current General Secretary of the People’s National Congress Reform, has been my colleague and friend for over four decades. Our paths have crossed frequently here in Guyana and on assignments in Cuba and East Africa. He is one of the most respected men I have known.   Continue reading

Crossing the line – commentary

Crossing the line


Shock waves reverberated around the country Tuesday evening. Former Home Affairs Minister and current General Secretary of the People’s National Congress Reform, Oscar Clarke, had been shot. He had just returned home with his wife who was expecting some relatives.

Four young men, said to be no more than boys, entered the yard and placed a gun to Clarke wife’s head and proceeded to rob the family. This is most remarkable and it tells the story of the level to which the society has descended.   Continue reading

Gunmen shoot PNCR General Secretary Oscar Clarke

Gunmen shoot PNCR General Secretary

JANUARY 30, 2013 | BY  | By Michael Jordan

Oscar Clarke

PNCR General Secretary Oscar Clarke survived a terrifying attack at the hands of four young bandits who shot him twice and gun-butted him at around 20:45hrs yesterday after storming his Lot 37 Plum Park, Sophia home while posing as policemen.
Clarke, 74, was shot in the region of the left groin and left side of his abdomen after he struggled with two of the intruders who had taken him to his bedroom. His wife, Linda, was slapped by the robbers, who also escaped with an undisclosed sum of valuables after holding up the couple’s son and daughter-in-law. There were no reports of any arrests.
Mrs. Clarke described the gunmen as ‘boys’ in their twenties. Continue reading

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