DESANTOS FOUNDATION – 10th Annual Walk from Toronto to Niagara Falls – September 23-26, 2021

August 2021 – DESANTOS FOUNDATION – Empowering Lives!

Thank you for being open to the possibility of supporting our DeSantos Foundation’s 10th Annual Walk from Toronto to Niagara Falls Here are some details about our fundraising initiative.

My name is Veronica De Santos and community involvement has always been an integral part of my life. It is the foundation of our philosophy at my martial arts school, DeSantos Premier Martial Arts (DPMA), as evident in the Principles of Black Belt and Student Pledge our student’s practice. We believe in contributing positive, empowering programs and vital resources to those living in our community both locally and globally.

DPMA is incredibly active in our community from helping with school fun fairs, community events and providing anti-bullying workshops free for elementary schools. The DeSantos Foundation is an extension of our community efforts and is a way for students to further give back.     

The DeSantos Foundation has partnered with a community charitable organization, ADHIKA – An organization that aims to assist community efforts to build and empower themselves so that they might live out their own goals, wishes and desires.

With this partnership, The DeSantos Foundation provides a platform for DeSantos Premier Martial Arts students and families to give back to our communities. This is a monetary fund that supports socially disadvantaged youth and families within our communities, both locally and globally, by providing increased resources to help with access to education. Whether it’s supporting breakfast/lunch programs, school supplies and equipment or clothing, the goal is to
help each child reach their highest potential. To learn more about the DeSantos Foundation and recipients of our fund, please review the
enclosed “DeSantos Foundation Brochure”.

For the past 10 years, DeSantos Foundation has organized an official 4-day walk from Toronto to Niagara Falls – From the Tower to the Falls! This 140+ km trek is hard, cold, wet, fun, character-building and inspiring and is open to anyone who like to join our students who are testing for Black Belt. This year’s walk is September 23-26, 2021.

Our goal this year is to raise $30,000. We have approximately 30 participants registered to walk either 1, 2, or 3 days and 10 dedicated souls have registered for all four days.

Throughout the year, participants hosts a variety of fundraising events to help offset some of the costs associated with the walk such as food and accommodations. However, we think our efforts would go even farther with your help.

Your donation would provide much needed support for all participants. We have a group of volunteer drivers who support the group each day by providing them with water, snacks, first aid supplies, encouragement and motivation! We need help to purchase these items along with daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and nightly accommodations at area hotels.

As an official event sponsor, we would promote you and/or your company in any advertising related to the Walk including, print materials and on social media. In essence, you become part of the DeSantos Foundation family.

To become one of our official event sponsors, please reach out to us at and either myself or a member of my team will be happy to assist you.

With you by our side we’re sure to achieve this year’s fundraising goal!

Warm Regards,
Veronica De Santos
President, DeSantos Foundation

READ MORE: DeSantos Foundation- Walk Information Brochure 2021

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