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Why There Should Be No Exit from Brexit – By Markus Becker | Der Spiegel International

Brexit has plunged British politics into a state of chaos. Will the country now choose to remain in the European Union? The odds of that happening are rising, but it wouldn’t be a good idea — neither for Britain nor for the EU.

Markus Becker | Der Spiegel International

For two years, the British government has been negotiating the terms of its withdrawal with the European Commission, and now Prime Minister Theresa May is unable to secure a majority for that deal in parliament.

The more chaotic things get in London, the more tempting it will become for the country to exit from Brexit through the emergency door the European Court of Justice unlocked on Monday when it declared that the British government could unilaterally move to revoke Article 50. A second referendum that would provide democratic legitimacy to that step seems increasingly likely.

But such a move could potentially have graver consequences than an orderly Brexit — both for Britain and the EU.        Continue reading

Dispelling Myths About Migration — my quest blog

From the Rosaliene Bacchus Blog – Three Worlds One Vision 

Three Worlds One Vision

With thousands of migrants from Central America currently stranded just south of the US border in Mexico, it’s time to ignore the political rhetoric coming from Washington for a few minutes and focus on the reasons so many choose to leave country, culture and family behind and walk 2,500 miles (4,000 kms) to an unknown […]

via Dispelling Myths About Migration — my quest blog

This Christmas, I find no reason for celebration. My thoughts are with the desperate mothers and fathers from Guatemala and other Central American countries who seek only a secure life for their children. If we, the world’s largest economy, cannot provide them with refuge, who will?

Learn about Henry Lewis, my guest blogger.

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Guyana’s Legislature: “A Brawling Parliamentary Slum” – By Ralph Ramkarran

 Written by Ralph Ramkarran – Conversation Tree Blog – Saturday, 15th December 2018

Ralph Ramkarran

A scathing editorial in the Kaieteur News last Friday shockingly castigated Members of Parliament in most un-parliamentary language, from which the headline is taken. Here is another sample: “In some respects what Guyana has is not a legislative body, but a Roach Motel overflowing with a cast of creepy characters, a real life Bates Motel horror of shocks that frightens the public. It is obvious that the great majority of members have little by way of shame or nonnegotiable moral imperatives.
“This is a set of people paid well to perform and deliver the crass and the cheap. They like being the way they are. They do not prepare, do no research, have no pride. They falsify, they exaggerate, they dissemble and all the while revel with their fellows in what has been reduced to a brawling parliamentary slum. They care neither about the image projected nor the impressions left.”               Continue reading

Money Laundering: Dangerous times for politicians and businessmen in Guyana

The Story Within The Story… – By Leonard Gildarie

Leonard Gildarie

Recently, outgoing US ambassador, Perry Holloway, met with a number of media personnel as part of his final engagements before departing Guyana. He left two Saturdays ago.

Holloway sharpened his teeth on the fight against narcotics trafficking in Latin America, before being posted to Guyana.

He was grilled by reporters on the oil contract with ExxonMobil, the local political climate, extraditions and other topical issues.      Continue reading

Guyanese arrested for live birds in hair rollers at JFK Airport in New York

The type of birds seized in hair rollers

According to an report, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents stopped the arriving passenger on a flight from Georgetown, Guyana.

During the course of the inspection, they discovered 70 live finches in hair rollers inside a black duffel bag.      Continue reading

Guyana Government still to decide location for gas to power plant

David Patterson

Government already knows that more than 200 people will gain employment as a result of the gas to power project. It knows that electricity will be reduced to US 10 cents per megawatt/hour and that the project will see a 200 mv plant. What the government still does not know is where the plant will be located. A final decision is still to be made.

This decision is one that is currently stalling the completion of a feasibility study that ExxonMobil is conducting to determine the economic viability of the gas to power project which has been dubbed a temporary fix for Guyana’s electricity woes.

The development of this project is under the Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson.

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Guyana made proud at 2018 Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Regional Awards ceremony

Guyana: Ex-Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj dies

Guyana: Ex-Home Affairs Minister Ronald Gajraj dies

December 15, 2018 = Kaieteur News

Former Home Affairs Minister under the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) administration, Ronald Gajraj, died at the Woodlands Hospital today after he was rushed there for medical attention.

He passed away shortly after noon. He was 65.

Gajraj served as Minister of Home Affairs from January 1999 to May 2005 under the Bharrat Jagdeo administration. He was forced to resign under local and foreign diplomatic pressure, particularly from the Americans due to allegations linking him to the activities of a terror gang known then as the ‘phantom squad’.    Continue reading

CARTOONS by Charles Schulz – Charlie Brown series

Cartoonists are often informers, philosophers, comedians and more.  The creator of the much loved Charlie Brown series was all of these and more. In a way, he was the Shakespeare of his day who had wonderful insights into the ‘Human Spirit’ and presented them to his readers for what they were worth. They proved to be worth a lot and helped people make adjustments to their lives and functions for the better.

Here are several thought provoking examples.

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AIRLINES: Proceed cautiously with any new airline application for Guyana – By GHK Lall

Rigorous tests and guarantees before approval

I learn that an entity that once plied the skies between Guyana and points north has applied for approval to start over doing business with Guyanese travelers under a new configuration. I recommend that Guyanese authorities proceed cautiously, conduct really robust and stringent due diligence; and after only the most rigorous tests should such approvals be forthcoming to anyone.

I think that any new entrant into the commercial aviation field in Guyana ought to be welcomed. This is necessary and would be a boost to presently tight travel options with the right partners. Take a look around as either prospective traveler, or accompanying family member, or just casual observer, and it becomes clear that the field of airline participants is too thin.     Continue reading

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