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CCUSA: California Bears Win 10th Annual US Open Cricket 2018


LAUDERHILL/USA: California Bears are the new champions of the US Open T20 tournament, as they defeated Somerset Caviliers in the finals of the tournament on Sunday at the Central Broward Regional Park in Lauderhill.         Continue reading

UN Warns: More Venezuelan Refugees and Migrants Expected in Region

Brace for more Venezuelans U.N urges scaled up support in Guyana, other Caribbean countries

…plan seeks to provide financial assistance

Venezuela – Click to enlarge

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency estimates that a Caribbean response in 2019 will cost at minimum US $34M based on the projection that the refugee and migrant population from Venezuela will grow to around 222,000 by the end of 2019 with irregular arrivals expected to continue.        Continue reading

US Immigration: 142 Guyanese deported from U.S. in 2018

142 Guyanese deported from U.S. this year

Guyana: Reflections on growing up in a racial landscape – By Dennis Nichols

Growing up in a racial landscape… in Guyana

Kaieteur News_ -Oct 21, 2018  Countryman – By Dennis Nichols

‘Race’ has practically become a four-letter word for some Guyanese – although it’s simply a categorization of humans into groups, based on anatomical similarities and on cultural, genetic, geographical religious affiliation etc… It is perceived as a root cause of social division and antagonism, and in our ‘Land of six peoples’ this concept has often taken on strange and ominous connotations that tend to make a mockery of our ‘One People; One Nation; One Destiny’ motto.

This piece barely scratches the surface of ‘Race’ in our beloved El Dorado.    Continue reading

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