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Presidential Decree: Venezuela orders naval force to protect ‘its waters’

Photo: President Nicolas Maduro (L) speaks with Oil Minister Manuel Quevedo during a ceremony in Caracas, Venezuela, Aug. 28, 2018. | Photo: Reuters

Washington’s new Africa policy may affect the Caribbean – By David Jessop

The View from Europe: Washington’s new Africa policy suggests a changed Caribbean relationship

David Jessop

By David Jessop

What should one make of the recent announcement by the US president’s national security adviser, John Bolton, outlining a new ‘America First’ policy towards Africa?

If taken at face value it suggests that the US administration is embarking on a policy that regards the continent as a Cold War playground in which superpowers vie for influence and control, irrespective of the sovereignty of the states concerned. At the same time, it implies that the decades-long US policy neglect of the continent and its cession of engagement to Europe, is at an end.              Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2019 – 12 Poems – By Dmitri Allicock + Music Video

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