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News Americas – Caribbean & Latin America News – December 07. 2018

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France: Emmanuel Macron faces the first real test of his presidency – The Economist

The yellow jackets are not giving up

December 8, 2018. The Economist Magazine

“Iam not made to lead in calm weather,” Emmanuel Macron told a French novelist a year ago. “I’m made for storms…If you want to take a country somewhere, you have to advance at all costs. You can’t give in, you can’t fall into a routine. But at the same time, you have to be willing to listen. Listening to people means recognising their share of anger and suffering.”
The popular revolt that has gripped the country renders the French president’s words prescient, but also reflects advice to himself that went strangely unheeded. If anybody understood the value of listening, it was Mr Macron.       

Eco-Tourism: The allure of Essequibo’s ‘Rising of the moon’

Lake Capoey. Essequibo Coast. Guyana

There are many ‘paradises’ on Earth. A few are in Guyana. Some are spectacular while others display nature’s simplicity. On the Essequibo Coast, between the villages of Queenstown and Little Affiance, south-west of the coastal highway, a rustic road takes you to a vista of spectacular simplicity and beauty – Lake Capoey!

The name, according to Ralph Hendricks, the village toshao, means ‘rising of the moon’ –and curiously, is said to be a Wapisiana word, for a decidedly Arawak community with a population of about 500 people. Although I’ve never seen the lake by night, an image grabs my fancy.

It’s that of a full moon rising from behind the lake’s encircling vegetation, appearing to settle there, its beams dancing on the dark, rippling surface as fiery sunset fades to night, and it is easy to see how the name might have originated. But even in the daytime, Capoey can both soothe and excite the senses.    Continue reading

India’s Bank of Baroda divesting Guyana subsidiary

Bank of Baroda. Georgetown. Guyana

India’s Bank of Baroda (BoB) yesterday sought bids from investment bankers to carry out the sale of its Guyana-based subsidiary.

According to the Financial Express “The objective of this assignment is to sell/disinvest Bank of Baroda’s entire 100% stake in its subsidiary BOBGI (Bank of Baroda Guyana Inc) through investment bankers,” BoB said in a bid document.

The report said that the sale is part of a strategy to exit relatively less remunerative international markets by BoB, which continues to call itself ‘India’s international bank’.             Continue reading

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