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CARIBBEAN FUSION FESTIVAL – Kissimmee, FL. – April 27, 2014


Guyanese American Cultural Association of Central Florida 


Location : Kissimmee Lakefront Park – 320 E. Monument Avenue, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Time : Noon – 7 pm                  VIEW FLYER FOR THIS EVENT  

Admission : Free! –           Call 407-694-7497 or visit

A variety of games, dancing, live entertainment, plus much more are all complimentary and our food, clothing and jewelry vendors along with an array of other businesses use this day to showcase and sell their wares. Also, a free health fair will be part of the festivities for the welfare of all citizens of Central Florida. CAFA is committed to bringing together the many multicultural communities for inclusion and collaboration of Caribbean Arts and Culture.

Thank You for your continued support!

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GuySuCo: Mired in a sea of losses and bailouts – by Dr Clive Thomas

GuySuCo: Mired in a sea of losses and bailouts

Posted By Dr Clive Thomas – March 30, 2014

Clive ThomasFrom a dynamic perspective, over the medium to long-term the profitability of the sugar industry as a whole, and GuySuCo in particular, is more than any other variable, the best representative indicator of its sustainability as a commercial venture. From a business accounting standpoint the profit that is made indicates the extent to which total earnings or business income derived from sugar can cover all sugar costs or business expenses, thereby resulting in a surplus of income over these expenses or Accounting profit.

From this vantage point, in order to ensure genuine sustainability these costs or expenses should include  1) all employment, materials, and services costs; 2) all set-aside provisions for research and development (R&D); 3) similarly set-aside provisions for maintaining/replacing the capital stock; 4) similar provisions for servicing debts and liabilities (both long-term and short-term) in a timely manner; and 5) the generation of  adequate returns(dividends) for the industry stakeholders/shareholders; and also sufficient to attract new investments if required or alternatively to retain enough profits to finance such investments.

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Scenes of Mash 2014, Guyana’s Carnival – by BryanMax

Scenes of Mash 2014, Guyana’s Carnival – by BryanMax


Here are photos of MASHRAMANI 2014, by Bryan McIntosh from his website

Click on any photo and then use the arrows to view the slide show. 

Here is the link:

The Jagdeo challenge – by Ralph Ramkarran

The Jagdeo challenge – by Ralph Ramkarran

Stabroek News – March 30, 2014 – Features, Sunday

RamkarranThe Guyana Times published a story on Thursday March 20 reporting that the opposition had caused a poll to be conducted last month which found that “former President Bharrat Jagdeo would be the most formidable candidate that the Opposition parties… could face in any upcoming general elections.” The following day the Guyana Chronicle carried a front page headline as follows: ‘Jagdeo favoured as PPP’s presidential candidate’ in an opposition poll. The opposition denied any such poll.

The publications in the newspapers which followed outreaches organized by loyalist ministers, belie Dr Jagdeo’s protestations that he is not interested in a third term. This new campaign was no doubt inspired by talk of a landslide victory if he had been the candidate in 2011, and if he is now the candidate. An expensive campaign was also put together in 2010 which only fizzled out when General Secretary Donald Ramotar took a stand against a third term. Now that elections appear to be on the horizon Dr Jagdeo is beginning to drool with renewed ambition and hunger for high office.   Continue reading

17-days in Guyana in 2010 – by Cleopatra Islar

Islar pix

17-days in Guyana in 2010 – by Cleopatra Islar

Hello Readers

I had done this blog in 2010 after returning from Guyana and thought I should share it with others who may be thinking of returning to Guyana for a visit after several years of absence.  I hope you find it interesting.    Continue reading

Kaldor Budget and Black Friday February 16, 1962 – commentary

From the Diaspora…Kaldor Budget and Black Friday February 16, 1962

MARCH 30, 2014 | BY  | Commentary … By Ralph Seeram 

Ralph SeeramMr. Forbes Burnham dealt with the harsh tax measures introduced by what was known as the Kaldor Budget and ended his speech by working on the emotions of his audience in the manner of Mark Anthony. “Comrades,” he exclaimed, “the fight starts now. Tomorrow at 2 o’clock in the afternoon there is a demonstration organized by the Trade Union Congress, a demonstration against the harsh proposals of the budget, which make life unbearable.

“No doubt the Riot Squad will be there. Do you still want to go? Comrades, remember that tomorrow Jagan’s army is coming down from Cane Grove and Windsor Forest. Do you still want to go? (Wynn Parry Commission).”

Thus started a series of events on February 12, 1962 that led to the burning and looting of several businesses in Georgetown on what is now described as Black Friday February 16, 1962.

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Feeling Sick at Work: Unexpected Kindness

A Blog entry from Rosaliene Bacchus.

Three Worlds One Vision

Woman with Migraine HeadacheWoman with Migraine Headache
Photo Credit: Science Daily

The female worker was definitely not feeling well. She writhed in the chair placed on the sidewalk outside my local grocery store. A co-worker stood beside her. About half an hour later, on leaving the grocery store, I encountered a commotion outside. A fire brigade and ambulance had arrived. I watched the paramedics lift the stretcher with the woman into the ambulance. Did her family know that she was on her way to a hospital, I wondered.

It’s no fun getting sick at work, especially if you live a long way from home and use public transport, as was my case when I worked at a large retail store in West Hollywood. The journey took over an hour and half, using three buses.

One hot summer’s day with a malfunctioning air-condition system, I suffocated with the heightened fragrances of scented candles in…

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Jimmy Carter’s new book ‘A Call to Action’ receives positive reviews

Jimmy Carter’s new book ‘A Call to Action’ receives positive reviews

In Carter’s new book, he says that he believes the biggest challenge facing our world today is the subjugation and abuse of women and girls.

By Husna Haq / March 26, 2014

Jimmy Carter’s new book is titled ‘A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power.’

Bebeto Matthews/AP – Christian Science Monitor

It is a crisis that manifests itself across the world in the form of child marriage, unequal pay, female genital mutilation, human trafficking, and more. It is the most serious challenge facing our world today: the subjugation and abuse of women and girls.   Continue reading

Carnival and uncaring leaders

Carnival and uncaring leaders

By Ralph Maraj

Clearly very disgusted with present soca and chutney music, R Ackbarali, in a letter to the editor in a Sunday paper, says “we have to contend with the utter rubbish these people call lyrics. The public is fed up of the crap. What kind of society have we become to accept these performers’ utterances as music and culture?”

Sarah Parks, in her letter headlined “Dotish, dangerous soca lyrics rotting T&T”, says many soca songs “promote tribalism, violence, immorality and foolish decision-making”, telling children that “fun as an adult is to be an alcoholic and to indulge in lewd acts…to mash up rather than build and nurture… that destroying families to fulfil sexual lust is okay.” She concludes, “it is nonsense that those who sing these nation-destroying songs get paid (by the Government) to do so.”

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Lewis Hamilton to race Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 car at Top Gear Festival Barbados

Lewis Hamilton to race Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 car at Top Gear Festival Barbados


BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Monday, March 24, 2014 – Top Gear Festival Barbados and the Barbados Tourism Authority announced today that Lewis Hamilton will appear on track behind the wheel of his MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One car during an adrenaline-fuelled motoring weekend on 17 and 18 May.

Fans can expect to hear the spine-tingling roar of the F1 W04’s Mercedes-Benz Formula One engine as the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS car makes history with its Caribbean debut by appearing at the newly renovated Bushy Park Circuit.

Formula One aficionados and motoring enthusiasts alike will see Lewis in action, doing what he does best, as he tears around the track in this extraordinary car. This is their chance to witness Lewis drive in only his second season with Mercedes – having joined the Silver Arrows works team for the 2013 season – and achieving five pole positions in his F1 W04.

Petra Roach, Vice President of the Barbados Tourism Authority UK, commented: “Following the announcement of Lewis joining the already star-studded Top Gear Festival Barbados line up, we now bring you the exciting news that we are uniting Lewis Hamilton and his MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One car at Bushy Park Circuit!”

She continued: “By bringing the F1 W04 to Barbados, we’re bringing the thrill of Formula One to the festival. Having been driven by Lewis and his team mate Nico Rosberg during last year’s season, it achieved three race wins, nine podium appearances and eight pole positions. Riding on this wave of success, we’re excited to bring the car to Barbados for an unmissable weekend of top racing action.”

bushy-park-circuit-barbadosBushy Park circuit paving in progess earlier this year. (Credit: Bushy Park Inc./Facebook)

Petrol-heads are in for a for a thrilling weekend of high-octane motoring action as Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond take part in a non-stop schedule of motoring antics that will see The Stig and the Top Gear Live Stunt Driving Team take to the track in a series of thrilling stunts, races and challenges as well as legendary drivers from Global Rally Cross compete in the first round of their 2014 season.

Tickets to this thrilling motoring weekend are limited. Visitors are encouraged to book early so as not to miss the most exciting new event on Barbados’2014 entertainment and motoring calendar. Bushy Park is a short drive from the island’s capital Bridgetown and from the international airport.

Tickets are on sale and priced at BBD$75 (approx. £22) for a general admission ticket, BBD$200 (approx. £59) for a Club House ticket and BBD$500 (approx. £149) for a VIP Marquee ticket. Children’s tickets are available, and start from BBD$50 (approx. £15) for a general admission ticket. For more information on ticket packages or to book visit

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